About Me

My name is Hope, I was born in NY in '75, one of four children. Actually, I am the third of four, which makes me a middle child. This also explains why I am a severe overachiever, perfectionist and pretty fiesty! At 17, I joined the US Army, to be all I could be, and pay for college. I don't know if my high school friends knew it, but I was pretty smart in school..I just didn't have anyone to guide me in the whole college process. My guidance couselor, June May, yeah seriously, was obviously overwhelmed or at least that is how she looked. So off to the Army I went! I did four years active, four years reserve and served in the Military Intelligence Branch (no jokes, I have heard them all!).

There are a few things I left the Army with, college money, my son and a love of running! I wasn't lucky enough to travel the world, aside from Mexico (2 long weekends, and a whole other blog) and Panama, I was in Texas & Georgia... The experience was good though, I made a few friends, which I still talk to today! All in all, I am glad I did it...

We can fast forward a bit, 97-04 was pretty much filled with working full-time, going to college full-time, raising Joshua on my own, and a few relationships which are not worth mentioning on my family friendly blog!

In 2004, I moved to Myrtle Beach, where the weather is warmer, snow is a special event, and the cost of living is lower! I really started running more after I moved into my new home, the neighborhood has sidewalks and bike lanes, so I was in my glory! In 2007 I ran in my first 5k race, and actually placed for my age group - that started the fire to compete. Now, I am not a really fast runner or anything, the small local races definitely give me the chance to shine... placing is a matter of who or how many in your age group show up...lol But I am back into running again, after Gabriella's birth I couldn't wait to run & now the mornings are sometimes a struggle to pull myself out of bed - I am doing pretty good though.

In 2007 I also decided it was time to go back to school and begin working on that illusive Bachelors degree. I am a computer programmer by trade but my passion is health & fitness. When Coastal began an Exercise & Sport Science program, I knew instantly - This is what I want to do! So, I went back to school. I started out by getting another Associates degree to cover all my core, sciences, calculus, history & spanish... In 2008, I finished that and began my Bachelors. Here is it 2011 & I am still doing it... estimated graduation, May 2012... slow and steady right?

In the mix of my schooling a lot of other life events have happened. In May of 2008, Joshua fell from a golf cart and suffered a concussion - but thankfully was ok, three days later, I lost my father to heart failure, not my best week. Stephen and I had only been dating for about 2 months when all this happened. He was (and still is) my rock, and honestly I don't know where I would have been without him. On September 6, 2008, Stephen and I got engaged & married on May 30, 2009 and welcomed Gabriella into the world in November 2010.

Life changed pretty quickly for this chick and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!