It seems that setting goals is an ever evolving process, rightfully so. When I was a child I wanted to be a lawyer, not really sure why, just sounded like an important job. I joined the military in hope of financing this endeavor.  Long story short, my goals changed. I started a correspondence course at one point in 1996 I think. It was for fitness, I can't remember specifically, but I didn't finish it - which is SO not like me! Anyway, when I did go to school, I ended up being a computer programmer, I am not even clear how that happened. Now after 15+ years, I am approaching another crossroads.

Many of you may not know that I am working on my Bachelors in Exercise & Sport Science, with a minor in Health Promotion. I have finished all my major courses and have 2 minor courses and an internship before I can graduate. I have passed my exam and am now certified with the ACSM as a Health Fitness Specialist (HFS). Health, Wellness and Fitness are my passions, and I want to have the opportunity to help others reach their fitness goals.

Obesity rates in America are astounding. Childhood obesity is out of control. Parents need to set a healthy example for their children by eating a well balanced diet and participating in some kind of physical activity everyday! Exercise is Medicine. With regular exercise, a person can begin to reduce their weight, increase their metabolism, and reduce the risk of chronic (and preventable) disease such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. 

On the brink of finishing this Bachelors in Exercise & Sport Science, tacking on a Health Promotion minor to pump up the resume, the big question everyone is asking.... So, what are you looking to do with your degree? Well I have a few ideas....

1.) ACSM Health Fitness Specialist (CHECK!!! Certified June 17)
2.) ACSM Certified Group Fitness Instructor
3.) ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist (after 400 hours in a cardiac or pulmonary rehab, or metabolic disease)

There are others too Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer (work with people with disabilities) and Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer..

Realistically, what ever I do in the realm of health and fitness will be on a part time basis for a long time. I have a great career, which our family depends on. It's not to say I won't someday be a full time fitness professional, but for the time being - I will be helping people whenever I can.
I guess overall, I just want to be in a position to help people realize their fitness and overall health goals. I want to be a part of something that helps save peoples lives, even if it is by doing something as small as getting them off the couch and walking... I want to motivate and inspire others to push beyond their comfort zone and do things they never thought possible, to care enough about themselves to strive to be healthier and more active individuals. To help parents realize they set the example for their children, and that childhood obesity does not have to be an epidemic. To help older adults protect their bodies from bone loss by continuing to be active and pump iron.

Is it too much to ask, to want to be the person who feels fulfilled to have motivated someone, to have helped through knowledge or example... I don't think so... I want to make a difference, and even if I only impact one person, it would all be worth it.