The Kids

Team Epton is four strong now....


Joshua was born in 1995, I was 20 (just by 2 weeks) and had no clue what I was doing. Despite the fact that I was young and broke, I like to think I did a great job. Joshua was a happy baby & quite the little chunkster, of course now he is a teenage boy who is more concerned with his Abs than getting A's & B's! He is such a handsome young man, with the gift of gab, and although it's not always reflected in his grades, a rather intelligent fellow. He plays Varsity Lacrosse and has lately been gaining interest in running races with me (of course now he can outrun me but that's I am just happy that he is into being physically fit and not still up on that xbox 24/7 like the summer of 2009!

 Gabriella is our newest addition debuting on Thanksgiving 2010! I should have known she would arrive on one of my most favorite holidays of the year... We have so much to be thankful for! She hasn't been around very long, but she is so loved! She is now cooing up a storm & full of smiles... everyone loves her so much and we are so excited to watch her grow up (but not too fast!!!)