Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dirty Myrtle Mud Run

Well another mud run in the books... I will say, I kinda liked the Myrtle Beach Mud Run better than the Dirty Myrtle Mud Run... Both were fun, but at the end of the day a girls got a preference! I was so happy that my son followed through and ran it with me (ok, he started after me, caught up to me to say 'hey' and then finished about 7 minutes before me!) was good.

Stephen & Gabriella left a little early, she was getting hot and has been fighting with this double ear infection, but they were cheering in spirit! The site was quite literally a field, a clearing for future housing and water trucked in. I was a little disappointed it was such a short course. The site said almost 3 miles but I will say - no where near 3 miles. My finishing time was 22:26, Joshua was 15:38... my current 5k pace is about 9:30 (on a good day) so maybe the course was 2.5 miles? Anyone who actually runs knows almost 3 miles means like 2.8 or 2.9 - for me a half mile is a lot - not close.

The obstacles, they were alright, I would have liked to see a better layout - I am not an engineer but with a blank slate, it could have been more creative. There was a tire carry - but not enough tires so people were standing around waiting for the others to loop around...

I am not slamming the event, it was a fun morning, I got covered in mud & felt like I burned some calories, so overall it was physical activity - which is great no matter how you get it! There were a lot of people out there, I even had a random guy ask me to take a picture with my phone and send it to him... So Dave Galfetti - if you didn't get the picture, let me know!

This shot of Joshua riding in the back of my father-in-laws truck is probably one of my favorites. He said, 'Mom make sure you get my number!' and then went on to tell me how much fun he had, that he wants to do another mud run and the best part of it & highlight of the entire experience, wait for it...

Joshua said, 'Thanks for signing me up mom...' - YES you heard it here... my 15 year old son thanked me... unsolicited, words of gratitude without an angle... anyone who has a teen knows how sometimes they use words to pad their real objective (something which usually requires your bank card & the mall!) - I enjoyed that 5 minute drive home in the back of the truck. Joshua and I made a connection, we actually had a real conversation - it was nice...

Saving these for next time!
Another bib & more bling

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