Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Let the Insanity Begin!

So yesterday I began INSANITY and I was a tad nervous about doing this fit test... I sometimes feel like I am stronger than I really am (delusions of super human strength) and other times, not so much! I was wondering if during and/or after I completed this 30 minutes of warm up, testing and cool down, if I would feel embarrassed in front of my TV people... Would Shaun T be laughing at me? Well, doubtful.

So Monday morning, at 5am - I did it. The awesome thing about this, there aren't any 'indicators' of performance. I was already thinking of reasons why I would not have done so well,  and that my friends, was WASTED energy. You do what you can, and then in 2 weeks, you do it again, and compare YOUR results to YOUR previous results. So I have no idea how I did, and I won't know until my next test... pretty fabulous huh?

As with running, I am my own competition, I will get the results I work for. If I fail, I have failed myself by my own standards and expectations. This is MY Insanity Train and it is driven by yours truly, no other passengers are allowed, but you can cheer me on as you see my transformation take place!

So without further ado... my results...posted so that next time, you can see how hard I have worked!

Fit Test 1 Results
Switch Kicks62
Power Jacks52
Power Knees85
Power Jumps41
Globe Jumps 10
Suicide Jumps15
Push Up Jacks11
Low Plank Oblique      51

Anyone else READY to hop on their OWN fitness train? Let me know, I am looking to post a 10 Day Challenge very soon in the near future, and I think you guys will really like it! If you are already interested in knowing the details, Email Me!

I am so stoked to prove that I can have Fab Abs again! Gabriella is almost 8 months, so my goal is 6-Pack in 60 days! (This is where all my non-overachieving friends shake their heads and I become so motivated to prove them wrong...lol)

Day 2 is under my belt, and as I approached the last 10 minutes, I thought, damn - this is tough! I did all I could, breaking when I needed to and realizing how great it will feel when I can get through it all without stopping! It's not about the destination folks, it's about the journey... funny this is, you have to get started, so get to steppin'!

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