Monday, January 16, 2012

Frost Becomes Her...

It's insane how much I hate the cold, I grew up in New York, but somehow I knew I didn't belong...give me the beach, and even more importantly, give me the heat! So what's a girl to do when she hates the cold yet performs her best runs when it's under 40 degrees? Yeah, I don't know either...

Today I ran the second race of the Myrtle Beach Race Series, Press for Time 5k. The proceeds from this race benefits a variety of both adult and youth programs at the Coastal Carolina YMCA.

I, of course wore my new dress code, shorts with high socks, today I rocked my SLS3 Butterfly compression socks in "Hibiscus" or as I call it - hot pink... I love these socks - absolutely thrilled with them.

It's been a long week (or really 2 weeks since I added that 25hr/wk internship on top of a full time job!) and there was a small part of me that could totally have stayed home and snuggled in front of Mickey Mouse Club House with Gabby BUT I made a commitment and so I was off to the race in the frigid temps that only come in January. It figures that it's been in the 50's+ this past week and not today. 
This is Julie pressing 70% of her BW
This race was interesting because it was comprised of two elements. A bench press, which for each rep you can deduct 30 seconds from your run time and then the 5k run. Males were required to press 100% of their body weight while women needed 70%. Just before heading in to make a complete fool of myself on this bench, I ran into a friend of mine, Julie. She is super nice and we were talking about the bench press. I told her how on Monday I came to the conclusion that I either had to 1) somehow be able to bench 20lbs more than I had been or 2) lose 30lbs by Friday - neither of which were happening. She actually ended up cranking out 2 reps and I of course I did not fair so well. There were little hopes of me pushing 105lbs but I had to try.

When I left the house I was still thinking, why am I wearing shorts? I guess I subscribe to the theory if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel fast maybe you run fast? It's a mental game I play... Anyway, I arrived at the YMCA, freezing. I went in search of pins since I neglected to get them the night before when I picked up my packet. I then headed out to the course. Admittedly, the turn out wasn't as big as I thought it would be, but I fear the cold is a huge deterrent in this area... in other places 32 degrees in January is a heat wave!

Heel strike, might need some work...
So before I knew it, it was that time. Time to get in place, set up your iPod, find your satellite on your Garmin and get ready to move. With these temps, I was all too ready to circulate some blood! As I took off, I was hoping for under 30 (which is a standard goal) and secretly hoping to beat my best 5k time of 28:57 (October 2009)... I had been working on cross training at the gym, getting in some cycling, the Arc Trainer and running on treadmill doing a 5mph/8mph 3:2 interval for 30 minutes at a time. Anyway, I took off at a good pace, and mentally I felt strong. Physically, well I wish I hadn't rushed outside and took a minute to use the restroom, a lesson I seem to never learn! I had never run this course before but it was all newer paved streets. The course was closed which is always a bonus! There were slight elevations (but seriously, I live in one of the flattest states in the country), my Garmin calculated 20ft at the most, so it was nothing crazy. I ran most of the race at a steady pace: 9:10, 9:28, 9:20 and 8:42 (if I could just do 8:42, that would with a time [according to my Garmin] of 29:05. Bummer huh? If I could have just pushed a little harder during that second mile, I could have set a new PR...drats. None the less, I was happy with my time, and I really felt so awesome, it is definitely getting easier which means, time to push harder right?

Everyone looks better with Bling!
Post race I saw Julie, she was chillen on the curb. I asked her how her race was, she said it was alright, she finished under 28, which is a dream to me... that's the thing about running, we all have our own goals and expectations.  We got to talking about awards, wondering if we would somehow come out with any additional bling. I knew I wouldn't but hey, I won't count myself out until they are done announcing. A side note, when we were talking about the bench press, Julie had commented about how I didn't look like I weighed 150lbs (yes, I told you my weight) and of course, in my aww shux tone, said, thank you... She also said, "You're stomach is so flat", bless her - she may just be my new bestie... What is so crazy is that this morning as I was getting dressed it came to me that compression gear is the athletes Spanx! It really just sucks everything in (here is where I admit my tummy appears flat due to awesome undergarments - that and a strategically placed race bib!) - Oh how I really do love my compression gear!

Dean, Me & Julie
Later on when we were posing for our Pressed for Time 5k picture, I said to her, "Do these socks make my knees look fat?" - I guess to me it is the equivalent to the 'muffin top' I sometimes experience with an ill fitted pair of pants... I think when it comes to compression socks I have short calves in proportion to the size of my feet. I am excited though, not only did I order more compression socks to match more of my outfits, I ordered my first running skirt too (ok two of them)! One is reserved for the Tinker Bell Half in Disneyland and the other I am hoping arrives in time for the North Myrtle Beach Winter Run 15k next Saturday!

Oh and while unexpected, I am so stoked that I am currently the #6 female on the Dick's Sporting Goods Leaderboard for the Myrtle Beach Race Series!!!

You can see most of my race results at and a special shout out to The Digitel Myrtle Beach - Thanks for sponsoring me :)