Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Motivation doesn't always come easy...

It was 3:30am this morning when I was contemplating the chances of me getting up at 5am to run. My little angel hasn't quite caught on to my subliminal messages about sleeping until 6am. Stephen & I have an arrangement which works out well when Gabriella cooperates. I get up at 430am to express, then leave a bottle on the counter in case she wakes up between 5-6am... that is my running time... Unfortunately, Gabriella has only been down with that schedule, one time this week - Monday. Oh and how I enjoyed my run on Monday, for the first time in a long time it felt like I was actually running - you know - both feet off the ground simultaneously! The runs previously have been more like a fast walk, or jog... Monday felt different, motivated and excited... I also managed to make it to the pool at lunch, I swear for a Monday - I was on my game! Now the truth about the rest of the week, not so good....

So in search of extrinsic motivation, I spent a good part of today scouring sites for races and events. I figure if I pay for a race, I will be motivated to do well, and perhaps there will be hope for me actually getting up at 430am if Gabriella has slept through the night... or the harder reality of getting up at 5am, when I just got back to sleep at 4am...

What I have done is created a Race and Events page, kind of like my attempt at accountability. The more people you tell about something you're going to do, the more likely you are to follow through... Having said that, the hopes of completing the triathlon in April is still up in the air - why? I haven't registered for it

I guess the most important thing to remember is that we can't throw in the towel on everything just because we didn't excel today... one day at a time and for my fellow overachievers out there, remember to cut yourself some slack!


  1. I hope to do a bunch of those too! But the krispy kreme challenge...not sure I can stomach it, LOL!

  2. Well Heather the good news is, eating the donuts is not required...otherwise I wouldn't be able to stomach it myself!