Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reminiscing for Future Success

I know I can NOT be alone on this one. Reminiscing about how things used to be, and trying to get back to the point where things were just that good. Unfortunately, human nature rarely allows us the ability to bask in the glory of our current achievements,  - we are too busy not yet being good enough for the next best thing that we want to happen for us... So as I looked back at all my runs that have been collected on my nikeplus account, I reminisce about how awesome it felt to run an 8:30 min/mile, why didn't I appreciate my gazelle (ok, well it was gazelle for me!) type speed? Oh right, because I was too concerned with why I couldn't do an 8:15 min/mile!

Now as I wallow in my 10:15 - 10:30, I long for the days when I could move along in my runs, thinking to myself, damn your good...lol I know, I just had Gabriella 5 months ago, but come on, I am like superwoman, I should already be back to peak condition right? so wrong... I am sure there are others who would have or proved to be better than I am at getting back into it, I feel like a slacker but this is reality.

My reality is wake up calls at 2am, sometimes earlier and more often than once a night. It's having to be up and out of the house by 7:15am to drop the little bit at daycare and the bigger bit at high school, oh and be to work by 7:45am! Getting home at 5:30-6pm and knowing I have bottles to wash, reload with all the pumping I did at work (I am fairly awesome at multi-tasking) and prepare everything for the next morning... Run? When? Yeah, it's not easy... I did join an adult running clinic so I could have no excuse but to run on Monday nights, then I am supposed to do at least 2 more runs during the week. Night time running sucks (in my opinion anyway) because I feel so blah by the end of the day - I want to stay in with my family, watch old Seinfeld & King of Queens, and eat dinner...lol

So here I am thinking about how awesome I once was, and trying to use it to my advantage. I guess it's kind of like getting older, all those things you used to do, stay up all night, drink until you puke, get in at 4am, up by 8am feeling great - ok, well somethings we can't or don't care to relive... but that 8:30min/mile, You are on my radar! I am taking this reminiscent state of mind and I am using it as my motivation....go ahead and tell me it can't be done - I dare you... It will only make we work harder just to prove you wrong!

It's going to take some time, and outcome goals aren't really my style, so first stop on the "I'm about to be awesome again" tour, sub 10's, consistantly for at least 5 runs... then we will reassess, and then on to the next stop! I tell you what, with all this goal setting, I just might get back into all my pre-wedding clothes...lmao!!!

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