Friday, April 22, 2011

My new toy thanks to my wonderful husband!

Earlier this week, my husband asked me to pick up the baby from daycare because he wanted to go to the store and pick up a watch he could wear to work and not worry about messing it up. So that was no problem, of course I can do that... Well I am home nursing my angel when he gets home. He comes in and shows me his new watch. I tell him it's a nice watch. He says, I think it has GPS on it, you want it for your runs? I thought, you got a GPS watch for $40? I declined, it's your watch honey, I have my ipod and nike plus sensor...

My newest toy, thanks 
to my wonderful husband!
Next thing I know, he turns around, hands me a box and says, How about this one, it has GPS too! I thought I was going to cry... call it hormones, call it a sappy moment, call me a runner... I was teary eyed! He had bought me a Forerunner 110, I just couldn't believe it! Talk about being supportive of my running, he gets the 'best most supportive hubby ever' award! What more can a girl ask for?

What was also exciting was that I was starting my Adult Running Clinic that evening, couldn't have been better timing! I was a little bummed that I couldn't use it because I had to charge it fully first, but I was so happy to have a Garmin - I plugged it in to charge right away!

On Wednesday, I made it out for my maiden run with my new Garmin... I probably should have read the book or something because I was skittish to touch any of the buttons besides 'start' and 'stop'... I did use the lap button to time my 4:1's - it worked beautifully! It's amazing how something like this can motivate you to do more, push harder and want to get back out on the road again... tomorrow is the Krispy Kreme Challenge, I signed up for the 10k, but not to eat the donuts... just to run. I am so looking forward to getting out there and logging some miles!

I really am a lucky lady, as I sit in bed watching funny animated videos on YouTube about running, only to look over and notice he is putting on his headphones in order to listen to his stuff... I guess that might be a hint to

Stephen is a very patient man with a heart the size of California... which leads me to my next desire, I just threw out the idea of going to the Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon in Jan 2012 over dinner, I wonder if I am pushing the envelope??? 

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