Friday, April 29, 2011

You can't win them all...

So my big plans for this afternoon didn't happen exactly as planned... I thought I would finish work, roll by to see the hubby at work, then come home & get in a nice 5 mile run. Well most of that happened except the 5 miles. Apparently, Spring not only sprung, but it has evaporated into summer! I am not sure what I was thinking, with all my knowledge about physiology, how heat effects the body and exercise... why did I think that after only consuming a pop tart and a cup of coffee since 10am, that I could just dash out at 230pm, in 80+ degrees and put in 5 miles? Yeah, I'm not sure either... So lesson learned as I hit 2 miles, and then 2.5, passing my street unwilling to give up, trying to push through, only to decide to loop around and just complete 3.1 and not 5 :(

I will say this, my age predicted max is 185, and my heart rate at the end of my run was about 176... I was so hot, so overheated, I thought, Hope your a dumb ass! On the bright side, I walked by my moms, stopped in to shoot the sh*t, chugged some water and finally grabbed my bike out of her garage... so now I can fix my tire and start riding again!

So I guess tomorrow morning (before it gets too hot) I will head out again, in hopes of logging a 5 mile run at with a sub 10 average pace... Not sure if I can make the run at 7am with the Grand Strand Running Club, all depends on my little angel :)

I guess I subscribe to the theory that we don't make mistakes, we learn lessons... so here it is, eat enough food to sustain the activity you plan on doing, drink plenty of water so your little muscles and more importantly your big muscles can carry your sorry arse where you plan on going and for the love of petes sake - wear sunscreen!!!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Great advice! We ABSOLUTELY learn lessons. I feel that every experience, no matter how big or small, is a part of our learning process.

    Thanks for this!

    Lexie Lane

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