Sunday, May 1, 2011

And another weekend comes to an end...

Although my weekend started off a little rough (with my less than stellar run), Stephen & I managed to get a bunch of things done around the house (Not to mention some help from Cody & Juice). It's always a nice feeling to get things accomplished, especially when you have been saying, 'We need to get the patio cleaned', or 'We need to apply the weed and feed', or 'We need to get the grill out of the garage'... So Saturday instead of going on that run I thought I might go on... We cleaned the patio, got the old grill to the dump, the new grill out of the garage, the yard got its weed & feed... bonus is we got an outdoor rug & bistro table from Stephens parents (I love hand me downs!) I even hooked up an old radio in the patio and found some candles for the chiminea! By Saturday evening we were grilling out, chilling out and enjoying the sunset on the is good when we can sit back and enjoy the little things :)

Sunday, I didn't even leave the house! Well that's a lie, I did put air in my bike tires - FINALLY! After that I was so inspired, I actually took it out for a spin, just a few miles, but it was nice! I did come to the realization that if this triathlon in September is going to happen, I need to get my butt pedaling, and swimming while I'm at it (obviously not at the same time, but if I could I would - a multi-tasking challenge!)... thank goodness, I got the running part under control, I

So now its 9pm on Sunday night, the baby is down for the night, the
teen has come in and said good night (and gave us our hug & kiss & said he loves us - not sure if he will think it's not cool I shared that but I am thankful he still does it!) - I am tired, and another work week is abound... This week marks the end of another semester... I never did get to that extra credit assignment that was due by 5pm on Saturday (I am so hoping I won't need it!) but I can't focus on what I wanted to do but enjoy what I needed, and that was to spend time with my family... Wednesday night at 7pm, I will begin my last final, and by 8pm, I will breath a sigh of relief... no matter how I do, I will be done! It's bittersweet, if I hadn't picked up this minor in Health Promotion, I would have been graduating this coming weekend (with my friend and fellow Exercise Science Nerd Heather)... I guess in the end I focus on the bright side, I get another year of not paying back those student loans!!!

I am so looking forward to having a free mind to focus on taking some certification exams and also training for the triathlon & all these 1/2's I am planning on doing! I guess I will always be busy doing


  1. Here's to a summer full of ACSM cramming and triathlon training! :)

  2. Looking forward to it!!! Certified and Triathletes... just as the Exercise Science world

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  4. Hello, found your blog from the Tuesday hop. Am a new follower :)

    Wow, your credentials are impressive! :) And here I am, more like a couch potato than anything...
    You've put me to shame!

    Looking forward to reading more posts from you!

    Do Sweat the Small Stuff

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  7. You go girl!! I am hoping someday to be as athletic as you!! I have started Insanity so we shall see where that takes me! Your daughter is so cute! :)
    Thanks for joining in Hop a a little tuesday! I am returning the love!

  8. Welcome to VB ;) (Waving)
    I see you are into Running .. I just start going back to the gym... I need more inspiration, but I am doing it ;)

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