Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The dreaded 'BEFORE' pic...

June 1, 2011
I am going to post my progress as I once again begin using Beachbody products. I began using Beachbody Slim in 6 in January of 2005. I saw awesome results, and went on to order a few other lines. I am going to see if I can find my measurements from that point. I figured I would post my new before picture, since it's 6 years later and I have recently had my daughter in Nov 2010. I didn't gain a lot of weight with her, about the average 30-35 pounds. I remained somewhat active, but not like I had in 1995, when I carried my son...

So here it is, the dreaded 'BEFORE' picture... I had one where I looked REALLY sad, but I felt it didn't really represent my personal feeling. I mean, I have work to do but I am not pitifully sad about it...I am actually pretty excited! Bring it...

Granted, it's a far cry from the abs of steel that were once chiseled into the mid section of my body, but it's not completely tragic I can't believe I am posting this for all to see... I do have to say, I am happy with my top (soon to disappear I am sure...isn't that always the way!)

I will post measurements soon... it's way past my bedtime! Power90 begins tomorrow!


  1. You are a brave women!!! I have had great success with Turbo Jam and now Turbo Fire from Beachbody.

  2. I wish my "before" pic looked like that! I'm not willing to post mine on my blog yet. Maybe after I have some "after" pics! LOL! You are going to do great!!

  3. You are so brave, disaplined, and dedicated Hope!
    You go girl, I'm rooting for you and if I get a couple $$, I may buy some of that product myself.


  4. I have never been brave enough to actually even take a bikini-clad before pic - you rock!! And as someone whose healthy-sized figure resembles that of an underdeveloped-12-year-old boy, I would also like to hold on to a top like that!

  5. Beth - I am in the process of stopping breastfeeding, so I am sure my top is going to look significantly smaller in no time, and have nothing to do with working I will sadly return to the A- I was prior to pregnancy!