Thursday, June 2, 2011

Workout Interupted...

Ok, so now that I have committed my mind & body to getting fit once again, on Friday I had to faced an obstacle gym. Yes, in my house, I have this room which houses all my fitness equipment. I have a treadmill, a total body machine, an elliptical, a ball, and an assortment of resistance bands and hand weights. Unfortunately, I also have boxes of clothes, bags of all stuff to shred, among other obstacles (unlike those at a mud run) to climb over in order to use this room!

So on Friday I decided, it is time to reclaim my gym for the purpose in which it is intended to be used! I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with what the nursery once was - but it was what the gym is now... a dumping site, a free for all, for all the crap you don't know where else to put! This is totally my fault, since I have been running outside my gym has been neglected... but no more - something had to be done! So I took a deep breath, devised some sort of plan, and went in for the attack!

First, remove the largest obstacles, the area rug that my hubby was so happy to see removed from the living room - apparently this rug has been a nemesis since he moved in in the fall of '08...I mean, obviously I liked it, I had a large selection of throw pillows (which serve no purpose) to match the rug...but hey a new rug (of a completely different color palette) = new pillows!

It didn't take too long, just needed to get started, as with anything, getting started IS the hardest part. I was quite pleased with the results. I now have a floor! Well I always had a floor but now, I can not only see it, but I can walk freely on it! Easy access to my treadmill has been restored, and very soon I will say good bye to the elliptical. It has served me well over the past 9+ years, but I need the room and I don't use it, so my brother-in-law will be enjoying whatever life is left in

So now we come to Monday morning... oh wait it isn't Monday, it's Thursday...oy vey... Anyway, last night I took my dreaded 'BEFORE' pic, and this morning I got up at 5:15am to begin using Power90... Day 1, Sculpt, no problem! I made sure all my gear was in the bathroom so not to disturb the hubs, sometimes I am considerate like that! I decided I should do an official weigh-in, complete with body fat and circumference measurements. Pretty impressive for 5:15 ah?

Next, refill my water and head into the gym (because now I can!)... I turn on the TV, and the DVD player and press play... hmmm... oh right, I have to put in the DVD...its okay, see it's early! Play... oh that's right, someone unplugged my DVD player... goodness... I am not giving up - let me get this hooked up! DVD is good to go... so I start... Now I remember, I need a chair! Dang it.. Then I grab my resistance bands because my hand weights are MIA (I'm saying the DVD unplugger is the weights taker too!)... Finally! Let's DO THIS Tony! So I am going along, except for the 1 time I caught my hand in the ceiling fan (which is ready to be replaced since the motor is going and it hangs too low - hopefully this weekend, since I bought it over a year ago!) - I am moving along... I get to an exercise and remember why I like the weights, so I pause and go to retrieve my weights! Needless to say, I should have taken a picture of it, my 5lb hand weights were taped together with blue painters tape because apparently, they weren't heavy enough... Was this workout even meant to happen!?!?!

I chug along, feeling good, then I hear it... wait was it? Yes, Gabriella is awake! With 5 minutes left to go on my video, my sweet little princess is waking up... So I took this picture of us, to show how with 5:01 left in this mornings crazy workout, I tried... I still owe Tony that 5 minutes and 1 second, and I won't forget to do it later...Maybe to make up for all the mornings debacles, I will add in the ab ripper too!

The moral of the story is, there will always be obstacles, some you can see, some you can't... you can't always plan everything, but you can't give up either. Sometimes all you can do it try your best, do what you can do, and keep on keeping

Tomorrow - 3 mile run, followed by Power90 & Ab ripper... wake up call 4:45am


  1. Kids can put a wrench into our plans some times, but they are so worth it. 5 am! Wow, love the commitment. I often go to the gym in the evening after I put mine to bed.

  2. Wow you go girl! I get up that early only when the baby wakes me that early! Nice work on the gym!!