Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Triumph Fit Club

Well Heather & I just completed our first Triumph Fit Club. You know Murphy and his laws? Yeah, anything that could go wrong...will... Yeah that one. So here it goes.

First - I got to my moms (that's where we are conducting these classes until we can find a bigger *free* venue) and apparently she forgot this was even happening tonight. Her kitchen table was covered in paperwork & she had a quilt draped over the breakfast bar stools, drying. So I quickly started 'straightening' up the joint.

Then, our projected attendance went from 8, down to 5... by 6pm, there were only 3. At 615pm, we had a total of 4 plus Heather and myself. Not too bad of a turn out, which was actually ok, read on to hear why.

Ok, so my mom has a mostly empty sun room that is about 22x15. The TV hangs from the ceiling. I think it's the ideal setup. Everyone can see and there is plenty of room. After a brief discussion, we decide to kick it old school with some Turbo Jam. I try to load the DVD, but the player won't turn on... as a matter of fact nothing will, not the cable, not the television, not the DVD..nothing. So after all of us trying to figure out if there was a switch, a circuit breaker or a plug undone - I call my mother (who is on her way to bible study) asking her a million questions as to why she thinks this deal isn't working! Finally someone says, "Can we do it in the living room?"

YAY! A solution... well not so fast... Apparently, I need an engineering degree to figure out any electronics in my mothers house. I get the DVD on, TV on, sub woofer on... no picture! What the... Again, I am on the phone...'pick up, pick up' Mom is now IN bible study and much like a movie, you have to turn your phone off... damn (no worries, she prays for me daily!). Is there a Plan C?

Ok, so now I have my mom's 15inch screen laptop on top of the fireplace mantle and have redistributed her furniture to the furthest corners of the living room. Finally we can get this FIT CLUB started!!!

Remember how I said how the smaller turn out was actually ok... here's why...

It's almost like no one wanted to be in front, but with all the kicks, I wouldn't be up there either...notice me in the pink, I look pretty friggen excited right? Well I was... I was having a good time! Where I lack in coordination, I make up for in enthusiasm.

In the middle of the workout the computer froze... can you say Water Break? I got it restarted and we all went on to complete the workout :)

After breaking a sweat, we whipped up some Shakeology samples. We did both the Greenberry & the Chocolate. I have to say, it was a hit!

So, alls well that ends well! Our first Fit Club, was Triumphant - we could have given up, we could have backed out but no, we did what we had to do to get our fitness on! Thank you ladies, for your patience, your positive attitudes and of course - your sense of humor! Hope to see you again next week!


  1. Determination sounds like the word for the night too along wtih Triumpant! Glad that it worked out for you in the end & that your ladies stuck with it through all of that. Sounds like they all not only decided but committed & you all succeeded! Awesome!!!

  2. Girl this is the best story ever lol! I am so proud of you getting your club started!

  3. Glad you were able to continue! Sounds like fun, even though you had a few hitches in your giddy up at first! Good for you and Heather!!! I would totally come if I lived closer. Maybe one day I can visit?