Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Super Spartan Race SATURDAY!

I must apologize, I never hit publish... damn it...but here is what I was thinking before the race!

There comes a time in everyones life when we have to face a situation that makes us well, uneasy. For me, the time is now. As the countdown to Super Spartan Carolinas dwindles, I can feel my body tightening and my heart beat just a little harder at the prospect of what is to come at 11am Saturday morning. This apprehension was multiplied after watching the video from the Spartan Race in Tuxedo, NY. Honestly, it looks like a fabulously muddy, sweaty, challenging good time where the will of your mind needs to exceed that of your body. Admittedly, I am nervous, I could never do Monkey Bars...damn it - I hope there aren't any monkey bars!
See what I mean, monkey bars! Anyway, I am excited - I am nervous, and I know I am going to finish! I might not be fast, I might not be gracious, but I will be a SPARTAN... bonus would be to CHICK some dudes...lol And while good old Webster hasn't added this to the dictionary, to CHICK a dude, basically, it's when a dude has been left in the dust by a female athlete...he has been CHICKED. Now, I am not saying I will be able to do this, but I have to believe there is at least one dude out there that will be reading the back of my shirt!

Speaking of shirts, Heather & I are about to get crafty - AGAIN. It really is fun to make our own shirts, and we have learned that 'puffy paint' as we call it, shows up even after you are covered in mud!

So now its Tuesday, I will save all my detailed Super Spartan Race reporting until I can get my hands on some awesome pics (of me & Heather) because me telling you guys about it - well it wouldn't be the same without pictures! Stay tuned & I promise this time I will click 'Publish'... seriously.

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