Monday, June 13, 2011

Quick Spartan Post

So last week, Heather and I were interviewed by Amanda from the Myrtle Beach Herald. We met for lunch at Grouchos, which is a new deli near the college. I had a wonderful salad, and recommend them, seriously, yum. Anyway, we were interviewed about the up coming Super Spartan Race, only 12 days left!!! The article is supposed to make the June 17th edition of the paper. I am not quite sure what it might say (hopefully how excited we are, how we love races that get people involved in activity and how more races like this should be done!) but I won't tell a girl how to do her job. You know we've had an increase in mud runs in Myrtle Beach, and for that I am ecstatic! I know there were people out there who otherwise do not run, let alone jump in mud pits, crawl through dirt, or climb huge hills of earth... being the fitness fanatic I am, kudos to those guys (and gals!) who stepped outside of a comfort zone and if they are like me, had a blast! Ideally, I would love to see races and events all the time that got people up and moving... I don't want to get up on my soap box about Diabetes and Obesity rates in this country - but it is preventable... and so it should be prevented.

I was so amped on Saturday morning, I logged a 6 mile run with Heather & Gabby (thanks to Heathers jogging stroller!). We were able to get out pretty early in the morning, 6am to be exact, before the sun came up and the humidity zapped our will... BTW, isn't she just about the most precious thing you have ever seen?

Friday, my Shakeology arrived! After we completed our early morning run, we were pretty psyched to try the Greenberry... I mixed it with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and a banana... Oh how I love fruit! My initial reaction was that, as Heather stated, 'Smells like grass clippings', but it tasted good. I think next time I am going to use pineapple and maybe some frozen peaches... It's all about experimenting!

Sunday I tried the Chocolate; I added a banana, OMG. Yes, I said OMG! I was planning on sharing with Stephen, but seriously, I drank it all myself! Now, I have had quite a few experiences with protein based shakes - this was like no other... it was delish! Heck, I even had one this morning... I swear I will go back to Greenberry, but why not start a Monday with a Chocolate shake right?

Tonight is running group, I am hoping it's not 100 degrees with the heat index! BUT knowing what I know about SC in June, my focus today is hydration, hydration, hydration... All winter I am saying how I can't wait for it to warm up, and now I can't wait until the Fall! Isn't that just the way?


  1. How cool that you got interviewed! Also, healthy chocolate! I may have to try that!!!

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