Wednesday, June 15, 2011

HFS Exam, Fit Club & 9/11 Run-Walk!

Ok, this is a quick post, mostly because it is late! I have to be up in oh, 7 hours to get in a 5 mile run... at least that is the plan. There has been a lot going on this week. Work is crazy, I haven't been able to study a whole lot for the Health Fitness Specialist (HFS) exam that is scheduled for 1pm Friday. When I am home, I tend to fall asleep as I flip through the pages of my ACSM Review Guide... *yawn* I am so nervous about this exam, testing everything I have learned over the past few years, yet I worry even with my 3.9+ GPA... I just have to pass... if I don't - you will find me on my patio Friday evening hanging with the Captain!

So Heather and I have constructed our first Fit Club, it took some time to come up with a snazzy name, Triumph Fit Club... there were other ideas, Coastal Fit Club, Myrtle Mamas Gone Wild! (I joke), Forest Fit Club, By the Beach Fit Club, and Thrive, Zeal, Verdure, Verve, Vigor (I liked the V's - not sure why!?) Anyway, there was one, Get Sh*t Done Fit Club, but the marketing on that would likely be a nightmare... So Triumph it is... I like it - especially when it comes to getting fit, sometimes it's a battle with yourself you know? To Triumph, overcome obstacles and press on to conquer your fears, break through plateaus... accomplish your goals... Anyway, we are super stoked!

Lastly, on my long list of "Things going on",  I have been working on getting a 9/11 event in Myrtle Beach and it all looks so promising... This would be awesome to honor and commemorate all the lives lost a decade ago on Sept 11th. Can you believe it's been almost 10 years? Man, it doesn't seem like it... I still remember trying to explain it all to my then 5yr old son... Anyway, I am hoping we can get this event planned and have it be a success... more to come on that later :)

Hopefully on Friday I am running around helping coach at the GSRC Kids Running Clinic, not home wallowing in my sorrows, blogging about how I should have been studying more for the HFS Exam!

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  1. Congrats on Triumph! Great name.

    And I love that you're trying to commemorate 9/11 - look forward to hearing more about that.