Saturday, June 18, 2011

Exciting things happening!

Some very exciting things happening to kick off my self proclaimed "Stress Free" weekend! Yesterday at 1pm, I sat for the American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM) Health Fitness Specialist (HFS) exam. I spent hours (admittedly not enough time) reviewing for this exam, it encompasses all that I have learned for my Bachelors in Exercise Science, everything. I had really gotten to the point where I just thought, let me just take this exam and get it over with already! Thinking about it for weeks was wearing me out, and at the same time, had my nerves balled up and the butterflies in my stomach on speed!

How I imagine I looked
when I saw I Passed!
As I got to the testing center, it was as if I was sitting for some Top Secret CIA program. All jewelry, sunglasses, and any personal items were to be locked in a locker. She said if I wanted to keep my wedding ring on, she'd just have to inspect it. I am not sure if it was to ensure I didn't have someone out in the car googling info and somehow transmitting it to me, but whatever - I just took everything off to be compliant and without it being hassle. I also needed two forms of ID with signatures, and I couldn't even carry in my water! I tell you, I could have used that water half way through this 150 question multiple choice free for all (well not free - the exam is over $200 and retake is $150 - another reason I had to pass!!!). Anyway, mid-way through I felt like, ok this isn't bad, that flip flopped a few times, isn't bad - when did we cover that - ok I got this - I've never seen that before... then finally it was time to "End Review"... Deep Breath... <CLICK> ... (open eyes slowly)... PASS!!! THANK GOD!!! The picture of my princess kind of resembles how I think I looked as I stared at my final screen in the testing room...

Another happening is the interview Heather & I had last week, well it's published. I paid the $1.50 for the entire paper just for this little tidbit. If you want to read the entire edition of the Myrtle Beach Herald, you can subscribe online.  I hope they don't mind that I put this on here... Although, please substitute 'Epton' for all references to 'Eaton' - I know, darn that spellcheck - it doesn't like my name...

So there you have it, one week until Super Spartan! 8 miles of Hell that we are more than looking forward to! Yes, I think for the most part I haven't quite prepared mentally or physically, but that's why you find a friend just as insane as you are to do it too... for the encouragement... besides, we have to finish now - we are Accountable!!! 

In other news, Beachbody has announced the new Shakeology flavor - TROPICAL! I am super stoked to try it... I love fruit, so if this is anywhere near as good as the Chocolate... I will be ALL about it!  

Well time for me to sign off and enjoy this stress-free, study-free, family filled Saturday! Tomorrow is Father's Day, so if you are like me, today is the day to get that card, and finish constructing When did I become a procrastinator? Oh right, about 7 months ago ;)

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