Thursday, July 7, 2011

Confession Time

Ok, so here it is... I have not been doing all I need to do to make the transformation I want. I have been using Shakeology for about 3 weeks now, and working out - but maybe not as consistently as I need to... I've been mostly running - although after my Super Spartan, I was a little down for the

I did run the 2nd Annual Independence Day 8k, finished in 48:59, which is a PR for me but not as strong as I would have liked. I think in my mind - my body is so much stronger and faster than it really is! The highlight of course is when I am approaching the finish line & am cheered on by my hubby & baby girl! I so appreciate them being there for me, and especially for the early races (this one started at 7am!)

Our 4th of July weekend was packed full of family and fun! After my run, we headed home and decided to take Gabriella to the pool... This summer has already been so much different than summers past. Typically, by now I would be pretty tanned, spending most weekend mornings sitting in front of a rolling ocean or poolside. With the baby, our outdoor time is limited to the mornings or evenings, and never for too long. I can't believe how pale she is (where I am not) and being so small - she doesn't need to be out in the heat for any long period of time. So having finished the race & awards (which I didn't get any this time... boo!), we dressed our little diva is the cutest swim ensemble.

We joke that Gabriella is driving before Joshua... It's actually pretty funny since he thinks he should have his permit already... hopefully his first car won't be pink and purple with flowers on it but seriously at this point I don't think the boy would even care! I am just doing the State of South Carolina (and New York since he visits there 3 times a year) a huge favor right now by exercising my right as a parent to NOT allow him behind the wheel of an automobile. Driving is a privilege, not a right honey... time to earn it!

Anyway, sorry about that detour! Gabriella got to meet her Aunt Reta (she met Uncle Sonny a few months back) and some of her cousins too! Sonny & Reta have 4 boys, think they will try again for a girl? Probably not! We all met up at River City Cafe for lunch. I should know better than try to eat red meat (it fouls me up!) but I did it and paid the price later...

I will say that Gabriella may have gotten her color (or should I say, Casper like complexion) from the Epton side, because the Harris (me) and Martin (Grana) sides are both so much

I just love this girl, she is so awesome! Just seeing her pictures make my heart light up... She was looking so festive in her patriotic gear, I could kiss her a million times and it wouldn't be enough!

My sister (Heather) was down for a week over the holiday weekend as well. This was the first time she, her husband (Dave) and my niece and nephew met Gabriella.

The kids just adored her, and loved on her non-stop!  I like when my sister is down because she cooks (and I really don't, not well anyway) and she makes this crab pasta salad that is so good, it's a must have whenever she is here! Oh and I mentioned how I was thinking of making deviled eggs and she asked me what I needed from the store, my reply 'Eggs?', well guess who made them? (*hint* Not Me!)

Cousin David
Cousin Shea
Overall it was a great weekend (even though I did have trouble with that beef!) - I got some hot tub time, enjoyed a fruity adult beverage, spent time with the family and even got some much needed rest.

So if you couldn't tell, this weekend was all full of food (good food) and desserts (yay Red Velvet Cake) but not enough exercise to counter I would like to think because I know what all needs to be done, that it would be easier for me to do it, but that is not true. I guess I am just human. It's like when you see a doctor or nurse smoking a cigarette... really?

So I have decided tonight, I am ordering Insanity and really start making the commitment to lose inches, to get healthy, and reclaim my body! It's been a challenge for me to begin to love the skin I am in after having the baby. I know some of my expectations were unrealistic... some people are fortunate and lose all the weight and go back to having a flat stomach - not this girl!

<<< Insert break for real life to happen >>>

Fast forward 2 (gotta love the I'll finish it later of my life!) So I ordered Insanity the other day and it should arrive by July 13th. I am going to retake my measurements to have an accurate starting off point again. I guess this proves that even when you know what needs to be done, no one is perfect...and as always, Accountability is KEY!

I have been reaching out to people, hoping to help them get started on their journeys. Some have been successful attempts, others have not... but I will not become discouraged. I want to help people find the spark that ignites their internal motivation to be healthy (notice I didn't say skinny... there is a difference!), to become more physically active, to cast aside the excuses and really make their well being a priority in their own lives.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone realizes how much I have put into learning about Exercise & Sport Science, and Health Promotion, and how much I love to get someone motivated to make positive changes... I guess I am still building my voice... I have just started yelling, but I feel like I need a

I have always lived with the mantra of 'Lead by Example', even when I was a manager at a retail store, I used to tell my peeps, I would never ask you to do something I wasn't willing to do myself (like take out trash, clean a bathroom, do markdowns, etc). So I apply the same theory to fitness - I have always believed that when people witness positive results from your actions, it helps them believe not only that it can be done, but removes the doubt that they are capable of achieving it too.

Having said that, I came across Shaun T's Fit Kids Club and it made me think, what if more parents exercised with their kids? I mean, not like lets all bust out P90X and see if the kids could keep up - but the opposite... What if parents engaged their kids and participated with them? Could this help reduce the rate of childhood obesity? Well besides not hitting the drive thru's, allowing them to consume huge amounts of sugary drinks and eat out of boredom while spending hours in front of the television... not pointing fingers, just stating facts surrounding the leading causes of childhood obesity and Type II diabetes (which used to be reserved for adults - but no more!)

Ok, so now I am stepping off this soap box (I have more than one btw) and wrapping this up. I am so excited for my Insanity to get here, we did it at our Fit Club the other night and it has just jazzed me up even more! So between that and starting my 1/2 Marathon training - I really have no excuse but to post a stellar update picture sometime in the near future - so stay tuned!!!


  1. Gabby looks precious in her bathing suit...little diva! Hey-where is the love for the Smathers family metting Gabby for the first time??? I know we live far but dont forget abuot us :)


  2. Brooke! I didn't have any pics :( I might just have to steal some off your blog :) I'll get a shout out to the Smathers Family! I was consumed by Spartan

  3. lol!you need to send that into a contest!! I didnt get half the pictures I wanted that weekend...I wanted to get a picture of Sadie and Gabby together...but somehow i was sidetracked by a busy two year old that was in to everything!


  4. oh i meant above send the picture of gabby in her bathing suit into a contest :)

  5. I too believe in the "Lead by example" way of life, and I'm trying to instill that in my boys as well.

    I hope your Insanity adventures rock!

  6. Hope the similarities continue to surprise me. Seriously we're leading paralelle lives on opposite coasts! ---- My little Claire wore the same Flag dress for her first 4th of July last summer. And the swimsuit is ridiculously cute! ----- And I too am struggling with motivation to get out and work on my training or just being active. It's particially related to the heat but something else too. I need a spark. I need to create my own spark. I've motivated my husband to go to a boot camp and he is kicking ass at it (after YEARS of resistance). If I continue with my appathy I'm doing him a diservice for his dedication. --- Congrats on the Spartan! It sounds incredible! --- I have Insanity. Maybe I should give it a try????? I'll look it over this weekend.

    keep up the goodness!
    the West Coast Hope

  7. Best of luck to you Hope!! I haven't heard about Insanity. I'm interested to find out more. New follower!

  8. West Coast Hope - You should def give it a try! I loved it & I am waiting on mine to arrive eagerly!!! I'd love to follow your progress so if you and your hubby want to create a free account on the wowy super gym, go to and click Join, then select Free membership...I probably need to update my pic soon... see if I have made any progress (besides my chest shrinking since I stopped Hoping to get out to CA for the Tinkerbell 1/2 in Jan 2012... I have some friends out there I am hoping to see as well - East Coast meets West Coast???

  9. Congrats on your PR for the 8k, you must be really proud!!! I'm just getting back in to running after a long hiatus, pretty much because I don't particularly enjoy running, but it whips me into shape pretty fast! :D

    Visiting from vB (and following)!
    Smile and Mama With Me

  10. Good luck with Insanity. I did the fitness test and I'm still the way that was 2 weeks ago =P I hope to keep each other entertained with our goals of being Victoria Secret's next lingerie runway models (or something more realistic like losing an extra 10 pounds and getting toner buns and thighs) a momma can dream can't she?

  11. Good luck with your half marathon training - nothing feels better than running well!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Visiting from vB,

  12. Have fun with Insanity I heard is great for women rather than P90x--- which is what Im doing now and it's killing me---please keep us post and good luck on your next run

    friend from VB

  13. You can reach out to me anytime and inspire me to be healthy! I'm really impressed with your knowledge of health and fitness and look forward to reading about your insanity journey.

    Your little girl is so adorable. I just want to snuggle her up!!


    Visit me at Spilled Milkshake

    Visiting from voiceBoks!

    ♥ xoxo

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    Thank you
    Have a blessed week

  15. I look foward to following your journey and am hoping for a little inspiration as well. My fitness journey has come in fits and spurts!! So glad I found you on the weekend catch up on VoiceBoks!!

  16. Another you think God is trying to tell me something? I envy your dedication to being healthy and in shape! Great inspirational blog!
    Dropping by from voiceBoks!