Monday, July 11, 2011

Exercise - Much more than Visible Results

So, as I longingly stared into the mirror in my bathroom (mind you I took down the huge mirror that came with the house and installed smaller ones - no one needs that in a bathroom!), I would turn to the side and grab my 'love handles' and pull back to create the illusion of a 'flat stomach' and then release.... sounds hot right? Yeah, well it is what it is... and what will it take to create the visible results I dream about?

Well, exercise for one... I know, I know, you were hoping I was here to announce the latest magic pill, a solution to all your weight related woes that required zero effort, a solution that would melt away unwanted body fat from all the places of your choosing.. I am really sorry to disappoint you, really I am.

Unfortunately, the only way to reduce body fat and reap all the benefits your body requires to be healthy is proper diet (lifestyle changes not crazy fads and starvation modes) and yes, Exercise!

Exercise is a purposeful act, unlike 'activity', it's about putting on appropriate attire (whether it be running shoes or a swim suit) and making an EFFORT... crazy I know. Anyone who knows me, knows running is kinda my thing. I mean I enjoy swimming and biking, I even hope to complete a triathlon this year, but the part I enjoy is running. I also spent years in martial arts, which I also enjoyed and someday will return to (I was black belt eligible before I was pregnant with Gabriella) complete my journey to Dan (sounds like Don). Anyway, I am also in the midst of my video craze... yes, I started with videos in the early 90's with Denise Austin... I think I made it through the warm up and decided it was too hard and I was skinny so it didn't matter... which brings me to my next point... wait for it...

Skinny is not an indication of Healthy!
Exercise has this bad rap for being what we need to do to lose weight, tone our flab...a chore instead of a necessity... but what about all the wonderful benefits our bodies gain when we exercise? Well, let me just list a few chronic conditions associated with a sedentary lifestyle and perhaps one that also includes a not so fabulous diet (because lets face it, they tend to go hand in hand) ...Non-insulin dependent Diabetes mellitus (Type II Diabetes), Heart Disease, Some forms of cancer, Obesity, Weakened Immune system, Autoimmune disease - Rheumatoid arthritis... other conditions related are hypertension (High Blood Pressure) and Dyslipidemia (High Cholesterol)... so I ask you -
Would you rather spend 30 minutes a day being healthy or years being ill?

So I know last time I talked about Childhood Obesity a little bit, and I promise I won't get on top of my box again (not so soon anyway) but I did want to share these pictures. My friend Heather has discovered a great way to get her boys to eat their veggies without even knowing it! I love, love, love, these boys, they are both so adorable!
Now you can tell that Kain, he is a little less caring about how much makes it into his mouth, but he definitely looks like he enjoyed it!

Some people have asked if Shakeology is good for kids, well lets see... In a world where many kids get the 'Drive Thru' experience at least once a week (ok, making up a statistic here but seriously, it happens) where they take in mystery meat, processed chicken parts and high fructose corn syrup... I would say, Shakeology is good for your kids! Caffeine free, gluten free, filled with vitamins... now of course, I am not a dietitian or pediatrician. So, you can always take the information to your doctor (Chocolate or GreenBerry) and have him/her look at it... good luck getting all the ingredients from a fast food chain on their nuggets (just sayin')

I am pretty excited for Insanity, oh and I may have gone ahead and ordered P90X and TurboFire... Yeah, I like to try them all - not everything is for everyone and with Triumph Fit Club growing every week, I want to be able to offer everyone the option of checking all the products out! This is my passion people, this is what I have spent the last few years of my life working on in school - I want to help people, I want people to help themselves! I want all of us parents to set HEALTHY examples for our children, to make the best choices possible when it comes to food consumption and exercise! No, we are not perfect, but we are trying to do what is best and at the end of the day, that is all we can do!

Having said all of that, if you want me to motivate you, or if you have questions, or you want to tell me to shut up (ok, well that one you can just not read my blog because I won't shut up - people of been trying to make that happen for 35+ years!) you can email me or better yet, visit me at and Join the Free membership...then I can track your workouts, hound you to get to it, cheer you on and encourage you to keep on doing what your doing!

Exercise is not a bad word, it's not meant to invoke ill feelings of hard work and sweat... but you need to realize you only have one body, if you abuse it, mistreat it or ignore it - like anything else, it will quit on you. If you are not already making time for yourself, I suggest you start. The benefits of exercise far exceed any momentary discomfort. If you can move, you should be. Find something you enjoy, start out slowly, do what you can and push yourself a little further each day. Know your limits but DO NOT be held back by them!

When I think about my dad (RIP 05/29/08) deciding not to make changes, deciding not to eat healthier, deciding not to exercise, it makes me terribly sad. Ultimately, he decided not to live to a ripe old age, spend summer days playing with his grand kids, and enjoying his retirement. (Sorry if that got morbid for you, but it is the reality of the situation!). So, if you look around, and if you see there are people who love you and want to have you live each day to the fullest, I implore you to start moving today. I don't care what you do, if you walk, bike, swim, run, do knee bends watching the news... just start doing something, anything... because at the end of the day, only you can care enough to make it happen.

I'd like to sugar coat it, but that is not how I roll... besides, I'm trying to cut back on sugar!


  1. Great post! I was skinny all through high school, and never had to work at it. I was a cheer leader in my last 2 years, but that was all the exercise I would get. Anyway, now I have to work at it and it makes me mad! Then I realize that if I want to be even halfway thin, I will have to work at it! Way to go not sugar coating it!

  2. great post hope! exercise has changed my life! If people just pushed through the first week of changing their lives, theyd get hooked too!

  3. I started getting up off my butt in the middle of high school and walking every day. Now, I hate to miss my daily walks, which I'm gonna have to do if and when I get a job (I just graduated from college last month and am currently searching for a job while enjoying my free time). I just plug into my MP3 player and go! It's that simple. Not sure why people complain about it. I'm actually kind of dreading getting a job because I know I won't have time to go walking every day! My picky, bad-for-you eating habits, on the other hand, need a severe overhaul!

    Stopping by from the voiceBoks Members to Remember event!

    ~Sarah the Writer

  4. awesome post, visiting from voiceboks

  5. Hi! I'm a mom of 7, but have never let that get in the way of being healthy and fit. I don't buy it that "just because you're a mom" means you automatically have to be fat, ugly, unhealthy and unattractive! Thanks for the great site! Following you! Feel free to check out my FB page ( and my blog (htt:// Love to use some of your material in some of my posts--aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh--when I get around to it! (Being a SAHM of 7 is pretty time-consuming, ya know! lol) Kudos!

  6. Hi, stopping by from VB but in a bit of hurry as it is late. But I am bookmarking this post to read tomorrow. I just embarked on a get healthier lifestyle. So this is a great site for me for inspiration.

  7. great post!!! As soon as school is done, I'm going to try this blog thing :)

  8. Well said East Coast!
    The West Coast Hubby has several of the health concerns you speak of and I have been nagging/nudging/demanding/recommending he make a change for quite some time. About 6 weeks ago he did and he is full in committed. It's great on so many levels. One of the things we talk about is that although he's not seeing quite a many LBS come off as quickly as he thought he is seeing a huge difference in his blood work and energy level. And this to me is more important that the LBS. Skinny does not mean healthy.

    btw- Insanity Fit Test kicked my a$%. Can barely pick up the getta sticks. :)

  9. Love this Hope!!! ... and I voted for Gabriella (what a cutie)!!


  10. Hey Hope. I got your lovely note. Thanks so much. I might be interested in signing up. Got sidelined by horsey stuff tonight so will talk to you tomorrow. You are a sweetie.

  11. Hey Hope. I am still interested in gabbing with you. Maybe we can talk sometime this weekend. Today I am off feet as I have a bit of edema in my legs. Think it is the wicked heat. Talk soon. Kim