Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jogging Stroller - Take 2!

I had been considering a jogging stroller for a while now, especially with numerous 1/2 Marathons on the calendar. So I finally committed to the idea of buying one so I could take my little running diva in training with me for some longer runs on the weekends... I was excited to see this particular stroller at Target for $99, I went and scooped it up after work last Friday. Heather and I had a nice run planned for Saturday, and an early one at that. If you don't know it, Myrtle Beach, SC in the summer is about two degrees cooler than the center of the earth! So the plan, 530am, the reality, 6ish... hey it is still early! So Gabby was all strapped in and ready to 'ROLL'...

Let's just say our run lasted 1.3 miles. The stroller was experiencing technical difficulties - seriously veering to the right... So then I said, 'Lets just unlock the wheel' - Well HOLY WOBBLES! That didn't last long, so we headed back to the house to try to straighten the front wheel. We all gave it a go; me, Heather and Stephen (who was on his way out to tee off), all with looks of confusion and exacerbation, determined - it was unfixable. I tried to pack it as best I could, and took it back to Target (they were awesome about taking it back - I had ZERO issue, and I was so happy about that!)

Future Model/Athlete
So after the disappointing run, Heather had to get home and I decided it was pool time! So I got Gabriella dressed up, decked out if you will... She is super adorable as it is, but you put her in a Flamingo bathing suit, matching hat and sunglasses and she is unbelievably precious! I know, I know, I may be a tad bias, but you can judge for yourself... We had a great time in the pool, she LOVES the water... future Triathlete? If I have my way - YES! Wouldn't that be awesome? We can wear matching gear, have matching bikes... Oh the plans I have... At this point, Stephen may be shaking his head while reading

She is Excited too!
Fast forward another week, and I spent a few days scouring the Internet looking for my second attempt at this whole jogging stroller thing. There are so many out there, ranging in price and features, honestly, I just want one that will be safe for my child and not a PITA to push! Unfortunately, you won't find anyone that honest writing the descriptions for these things (but wouldn't it be great?). I went with a very cool looking orange one - not that that is WHY I got it, it was a reasonable price, I had a coupon for the store, and it had the big front wheel (which is what Heather recommended).

Assembly was pretty easy, aside for the whole front brake thing (I suck at brakes, even on a bicycle - I never understood the whole mechanism...(Yay! I wanna be a Triathlete!) So today, I decided to head out, 3-5 miles was the goal - a far cry from the 7-8 (Insanity & 2 days of swim training a week is pretty hard!) but I also got a late start, and remember I live in the core of the earth South Carolina. So, we did 3.5 miles, and it was slow, but it was done. Between the heat, and the sheer effort it takes to push a stroller (MAD PROPS JOGGER MOMS) - I was burnt out. Who knew it was that challenging, people definitely make it look a LOT easier than it actually is!

So next weekend is another free Triathlon, I am going to do it this time. Time to just suck it up and jump in... It's not like I am going to wake up one day and be a super awesome triathlete, I am a realist... BUT you can't improve something if you never do it... So I am going to do it! You gotta start somewhere right? Why not make it at a free event? I think the one thing I am most nervous about (besides how do you dress for 3 events in one?) is the transition areas... let's face it - it won't be super crowded when I get there but if you are anything like me, you have this anxiety about anything new,  the unknown is scary. I still feel the same way on first day of classes!

So here, it's never to late to try something new, my first Triathlon at 35 - talk about taking a leap out of my comfort zone!

I have also been busy, busy, busy working on gathering sponsors for an upcoming raffle for my Team in Training  fundraising... I think you all will be pleased with some of the things I've been able to wrangle so far! I know I am (I kinda wish I could enter to win some of this stuff myself ;) but that wouldn't be right!)

I did want to mention that my brother was here last week with his family. I took a day off to spend at the beach with my niece (Charlotte) and nephew (Liam)... they are SO cute, and loved the water! I hadn't been to the beach since last summer when I was all preggers with Gabriella... I have to admit, being at the beach with kids is not as relaxing as without They definitely keep you on your toes but I loved every minute of it. Charlotte is fearless, and has the cutest little voice... Liam, well I must have 50 pictures of him doing the 'surfer' pose... George spent time building a sand castle, but Liamzilla took care of that quickly! All in all, it was a great time!


  1. Hey! I am a SC girl as well! I live in the mountains of NC now but always a SC girl at heart! My hubs is from Clio, SC. Glad you found the stroller that worked for you! Good luck in the triathalon!

  2. OMGoodness, My husband is a lymphoma survivor. I was pregnant with our second when he was diagnosed:
    If your interested in reading a bit of our story click the link above. We have walked in the light the night walk every year since 2002. Thank you for you work to raise funds and awareness through your beautiful blog!

    I am am incredibly impressed with anyone who runs but in awe of those that are triathletes. You are my idol as you are with kids and training!!!!! I am visiting from voiceboks and will check out more of your blog before I leave you a review there. Great to meet you!