Sunday, August 7, 2011

Try...Tri Again???

So I finally did it, I committed to doing this Sprint Tri, and I was completely unprepared for all that I would face. It was 9:30pm last night when I realized, for one, it was 9:30pm and two, I had not packed any bag nor had I loaded my bike into the car. Apparently, as spacious as the Toyota Avalon is (and it is so spacious on the inside), the trunk is ill equipped to handle a bike. Luckily, Stephen's back seats fold down so he was able to get it in there... thank goodness... Then I had to figure out - what is a girl to wear when you have 3 occasions back to back on the same day? I figured it out, in hindsight, I managed this part quite successfully. Sports bra, swim suit, compression shorts, regular running gear (I got this!)...

So the plan was 345am wake up, 415am departure, 430am arrival at Heathers (which I was on time for!), 5am Walmart (Sketchville!) for bananas, 530am Transition area, 6am Race meeting, 630am Go Time! It didn't veer too much, accept Gabriella decided 322am would be a good time to get up, which was fine - it allowed me some time to feed her and stare at her while she slept in my arms, although, for a minute I may have caught myself dozing

A poor decision, peanut butter on toast. I tasted that numerous time during the course of todays events... what to do about pre-race nutrition?

Ok, so lets get to the gravy of the day, I was so nervous, literally stomach rolling nerves. It was like I couldn't get myself together, I had no idea what I was doing - at all. So after spending 20 minutes at the car trying to make sure I had my goggles, finding my ear plugs (clear ear plug + white shopping bag = no good!), deciding what I wanted to do with my phone, I was finally ready to get set up at the transition. Setting up was easy, hung my bike on the pole with care, in hopes that a smooth transition would soon be

Of course we get the instructions of the swim, and the bike route and then run... I was listening, but next time, I will probably pay more attention. I spent the better part of the bike leg wondering where I was going & if I'd really know where I needed to turn around (just so you're not on the edge of your seat, it was easy, both were points you couldn't go any further!). We returned to our 'area', and were getting ready for the swim, then I hear this pop-fizz-ppssshhhhh sound. The crowd grew quiet (it was pretty loud). Well I'll be a son-of-a... my front tire, blew out, just sitting on the rack. I think I may have actually started to tear up as they call out, "2-minutes to start", and Tim from Grand Strand Bicycles made that (oh, I don't know if I have that type of stuff with me) face, ok it was more than a look, he actually said something to that effect, just a small tear of disappointment, he assured me he would do what he could. I had to focus on what was my immediate task, the swim...

First off, the ocean is a different creature than that of the safe tideless (except when the kids from camp are on the one side) confines of the Coastal Carolina University Pool. Second, I was having an ear plug malfunction... Granted, I had never used ear plugs before but I thought I should try them because my ears always get water in them at the pool and now with the addition of waves, I was sure to come out with water in my noggin. Well, that choice had me entering the water last... and lord knows, I could have used a leg up on the rest of the race, but at the end of the day, I would have needed like a 40 minute head start!
\After completing the swim which while harder than expected, was rather invigorating (and maybe there was one fleeting thought of what the H3LL was I thinking?!?!), Heather and I made our way up the beach to the first transition. I was SO excited to see my bike with it's boo boos fixed, hanging on the rack awaiting my presence... but let me put things into perspective, Transition + Hope = SLOW! I really don't know what my deal was, but I just couldn't move fast enough.

I was finally ready to roll, got on the road and *clink*clink*clink*, my chain fell off...really? Are you serious? Well, Jason Greene (FYI, MB's Premiere Race Director) was front row to take in this undoing, and was nice enough to put it back on... I mean could anything else on this bike go wrong, hell I am barely 2 feet out of the transition area, and I am beginning to think, "Should  I even be on this bike?!?!" Well, keep on keeping on sista, off I went. Everyone else has fancy bikes, not this girl. I am kicking it old school on a Schwinn Hybrid (Thanks to Heather, and I love me some hand-me-downs - so if anyone has a bike they are looking to donate, like a fancy one with those cool handlebars, I will be more than happy to take it off your hands!).

The bike was 13 miles, and honestly, I have never, in one outing, ever biked 13 miles! Well, I did it today, even with smelling nasty garbage cans, stopping at 2 lights, and not really knowing how far I was having to go before could turn around, I did it. True, people were almost done cycling before I was a half mile into it, but hey, this was my first time out! Honestly, I'd be more pissed off if at 35 I totally rocked it, I would feel like I wasted my talents for decades (obviously this was not the case)... I smiled as I rode, could have been nerves, could have been ignorance, but I was having a nice time...

I will say, I will be lucky if I'm invited back, since I performed an impressive, but perhaps unsafe bike stand coming into transition 2 (totally by accident, I have never done one before - man today is a day for firsts!). Apparently there are front brakes AND rear brakes and you are supposed to use maybe both? I totally locked up the front and the a$$ end of the bike stood up before it turned to the side... and the crowd went wild "WHOAAAA!"... my response, "Brakes work!"... I do perform all my own stunts people, I'm here all week ;)

I Tri'd & I Succeeded
Anyway, the run was probably the least eventful, since I knew where I was going, having passed it on the bike earlier, and it being what I do the best (although I am not speedy by any means). It kinda sucked that everyone was just waiting around for me to finish so they could do the awards, but it was nice to have a little cheering section... I will share this, although I have been having an internal debate about it. I feel like a real triathlete, today was the first time I did what most people wouldn't, albeit, I couldn't help it, it happened. I'll leave it at that.

Double Trouble
So after all was said and done, you know I am going to act like a goof, hey - it's who I am... So I had to try to get a picture that expressed all that had happened between the hours of 630 & 9am. Yes, I am a dork, and although most of the pictures of me actually doing this triathlon are sooo not good for my body image issues, I will tell you, I love my "I Tri'd & I Succeeded" photo op... And of course, no event would be complete without our traditional, cheezy, "We were Here" pic with Heather...

Official Finishing time, 1:49:55. Not sure if this is good, bad or ugly but what I do know is, it's where I set the bar for myself today and will look to improve next time... because yes, there WILL be a NEXT time!
*Pop goes the cherry & the cherry goes Pop!*

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  1. Way to go, Hope!! You definitely ARE a tri-athlete - you finished!