Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tunnel to Towers Run - Myrtle Beach

September 11th is fast approaching, this year marks the 10th Anniversary of what I consider the most horrifying and deeply scarring events to ever happen on US soil.

You always hear people say, I remember where I was when... but you never want to have one of those moments because they are rarely followed by anything positive. On 9/11 I believe every American, experienced that moment. It started off as a rather beautiful morning, I remember having a department meeting. As I was headed toward the conference room I heard someone say, 'A plane hit one of the towers'. My first thought was a personal plane, or maybe a chopper. I had no idea the severity of what had occurred until a little later when the second tower was hit. As information began to pour in, we were horrified by the images being produced at a rapid pace. The same images being played over and over in the media. That moment, that day, it changed who we are, one nation under God, became closer. Banded in patriotism and sorrow, we searched for answers, we searched for something to make sense, but to this day, it just doesn't - I don't know if it ever will. I remember my son, who was 5 at the time, asking me why they kept showing the plane hitting the building. It was heartbreaking, to try to explain to a 5 year old anything like this, in a way he'd understand, without being completely petrified.

I answered this call at 17 
I served in the US Army from August 1993 - August 1997 on active duty and then finished the remaining 4 in reserve. I received my honorable discharge on August 25th, 2001, just a few weeks prior to the events of September 11th. As the war continues on since 2001, too many Americans have lost their lives. My brother is part of an Air National Guard unit that was sent to the dessert and we are not sure how long he will end up being there. Like many others, he has had to leave his family to serve his country, and we pray for his safe return.

I first heard of this race via a woman in the Running Moms group on Facebook. She had posted a link to the NYC race. Of course I checked it out, but have a tiny one at home, knew I wasn't going to make it back to NYC for the run. It was then I saw the 'Want to Host a Run?' button. I thought, 'Yes - Yes I do!'. So I clicked and requested information. Here we are today, in the mix of planning a Tunnel to Towers 5k run/walk in Myrtle Beach!

It's been a long road (in a relatively short time frame) trying to get this going, and it hasn't been the easiest task. I suppose I just felt like people in the community would be as deeply moved to be a part of this as I was. As I press on scouring for sponsors, the outlook is not as supportive or successful as I had hoped. I have probably sent out upwards of 75 sponsorship packets, it is time consuming, sometimes monotonous but hopefully (still praying hard) that is will be worth it. With less than 30 days, I am still waiting for so many responses, Yes or No, it is nice to get an answer. The proceeds from is event will touch so many lives, helping so many impacted by 9/11.
As in everything I do; I determine a goal, work my tail off to achieve, attempt to accomplish all I set out to do and hopefully do it respectfully, gracefully and honorably. This event to me represents all that we as Americans can do for others; not a handout for the unwilling, but a reward to those who have made the sacrifice.

Visit Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Run - Myrtle Beach for more information on registering or donating to the event, or comment/email me (teamepton at yahoo dot com) if you or someone you know would like to be a sponsor… It's success depends on the community, we need to remember those who were lost, honor those left behind and continue to support those who, to this day serve and protect!

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