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The Raffle You've Been Waiting For!

Just the idea of a child, teenager, adult or elder being diagnosed with cancer is horrible, but imagine yourself hearing those 3 words, "[Insert Loved ones name] has Cancer" ...simply devastating. I am sure we would be hard pressed to find someone who's life has not been touched by cancer, whatever form it comes in. For me personally, I lost my grandfather to prostate cancer (which spread throughout his body), I had a great aunt who had breast cancer, twice. My good friend Judy had cancer, luckily she is a survivor (we are so blessed because she is such an awesome woman). There is also Yano Pournaras, who is just a little guy, also a survivor, which gives us hope because he defied the odds. You can read about his story in my previous post, it also tells how my journey began & why this is important to me! I couldn't imagine my baby girl being ill, and I don't want to think about anyone's loved ones getting ill either... We need to find a cure!

So with Team in Training, I have pledged to raise a hefty sum of coin...*ahem* This is where you come in... I have been met with great support from a few businesses as well as individuals who think this is a great cause and were eager to be a sponsor. This of course fills my heart, sometimes I find myself passionate about things others could seemingly care less about. I also have found, those who have less, tend to give more, which is ironic, but true (probably everywhere - not just on requests for product donations). I wholeheartedly appreciate every single person who responded to my inquiry with a YES! We would love to be a part of this! Honestly, I am so excited to be able to offer this raffle and know that all of my emails, and lists, and what not will be doing so much good.

It's easy to enter just Donate Here, and then comment below that you did!

So without further ado...the 10 (yes TEN) prize packages, which means 10 Winners! I don't know where to start...

First, let me put out some information on each item, then I can show you how I have put them together!

iBungee Stretch Laces: iBungee laces flex with the motion of your foot for plush comfort. Turns any shoe into a slip-on that goes on and off effortlessly. Great for sensitive feet. This item was donated by and they have a variety of colors and sizes so definitely check them out!

The RUN LIKE A GIRL features a 3/4 inch wide by 1 inch long hand hammered nickel silver pendant hand stamped with RUN LIKE A GIRL and hangs from an 18 inch gunmetal chain as shown. This item was graciously donated by - be sure to check out all of the inspirational products - to include many milestone pieces!

The donated this awesome and super cute Princess Visor, great for those of us girls who may *Glow* a bit, it will keep our moisture out of our eyes, while looking ever so stylish! This racing visor is 100% CoolMax® Polyester Fabric for wrap around wicking. If you don't win it, you can order one, and customize your visor with a choice of  colored rhinestones, the one here has the Rose ones, which I think is fabulous! Of course there are other options so definitely check out the site!

Moving Comfort sent me a 'Support Your Girls' t-shirt - how fun is that?!? There are a few different styles and colors, but the Pink is perfect! Moving Comfort is known for great support of the tatas for all of us who tend to bounce when we are on the move! Keep them strapped down ladies (yes, even my fellow members of the IBTC - its important!)

Princess design is on the end on the Right
Terry from TAM (The Active Miss) hand crafts these sporty headbands. She is donating 7 custom made bands to this raffle! Now, I know we have some Princess 1/2 Runners in the mix so keep that in mind! I'm thinking I might like a Green & Yellow Polka Dot's kinda TinkerBellish!

The road may always be open, but sometimes drivers eyes aren't - so we need to be careful & if something should happen (God forbid) it is so important that an emergency contact can be reached. Just this week I have heard of multiple incidences of runners being struck by vehicles. I am so happy to be able to offer $15 Gift Certificates from RoadID!

Bondi Band has donated 2 wicking headbands and a Runner Girl car magnet, YAY! We are definitely sticking to a running girl / princess theme here, and couldn't be happier to get these in the mix...

I also received a ΓΌber cute 31 Gifts lunch tote from a fellow running mom, Courtney. I have a 31 Lunch tote and it is awesome! She has also offered to help our cause by conducting an online show, donating her commission to the cause - more details will follow!

And for the Grand Finale, something I have on my own *wishlist* (hint, hint, you know who you are), those awesome medals you've trained so hard for, through blood, sweat, tears, and even a random moment of incontinence (don't judge!), NEEDS to be put on DISPLAY!

You should be so proud of all your medals, (mine are hanging from a plant stand, pitiful I know!) and heck, you earned them & have every right to show them off! Allied Medal Displays are the ORIGINAL and BEST medal hangers on the market.  Their quality and customer service are absolutely top notch.  They do custom displays as well so your display can be as unique as you are! Allied Medal Displays has very generously donated a Large silver tiara and a "Runner girl" hanger!

* GU never did respond, but I had a bag of them, so I decided to throw some in the mix...

Ok, having covered all of that... There are 10 prize packages in total, ranging in value from $30 to $100!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!  [insert sound of a dozen Lars Ulrich's]

This GRAND PRIZE Package
Grand Prize Package
In this spectacular package you will find:
+ TWO pair of iBungee Laces,
+ Run Like a Girl Necklace,
+ Running Princess Visor 
+ The Running Girl Medal Hanger
~*~ A prize package worth ≈ $100! ~*~

The First Runner Up Package
First Runner Up Package
The fabulous package offers:
+ TWO pair of iBungee Laces,
+ A Bondi Band 'Run like a girl' wicking headband
+ A Running girl car magnet
+ A 31 Gifts Lunch Tote personalized as "Snacks"
+ The Tiara Medal Hanger
~*~ A prize package worth ≈ $85! ~*~

The Second Runner Up Package
Second Runner Up Package
The Stylish package offers:
+ TWO pair of iBungee Laces,
+ A bondi Band fit for a Princess wicking headband
+ Moving Comfort "Support Your Girls" t-shirt (size Medium)
~*~ A prize package worth ≈ $50! ~*~

Last but certainly not least...
The Lucky 7 Package
(why 7? Because 7 people will win one!)
Lucky 7 Package
This clever package offers:
+ TWO pair of iBungee Laces,
+ RoadID Gift Card for $15.00
+ Three random packages of GU
+ Custom made TAM Band 
~*~ A prize package worth ≈ $30! ~*~
** TAM Band is not shown because it will be custom to you! **

"So Hope, what kind of hoops are we going to have to jump through 
for our chance to win all of this crazy awesome loot?!?! "

...Glad you asked....
Now, you know there is always just ONE thing you HAVE to do to win... Simply make a donation and you are in! Let me explain how this will work...

1) Make a tax deductible donation to my Team in Training efforts here:

$5 = one entry

$10= 2 entries

$15 = 3 entries

$20 = 4 entries

Going Above & Beyond?
Donate any amount between $25 - $99 , you receive matching entries per dollar donation!!! That's right, for $25 you get 25 entries, $99 is 99 entries (but if you go to $99, you might consider being an overachiever!).

Where's my Overachievers At?
Donate $100 or above, you get DOUBLE entries! $100 = 200 entries, $125 = 250 entries, you get it...

NOW, Are you sitting there thinking,
"But Hope - I already donated! No FAIR!"...
Don't fret! If you feel like you've jumped the gun, but still want in on the fun, donate 1 more time (any amount) and you get matching entries for THIS donation + your previous donation. Score! (you honestly could not, in a million years, have thought I would not reward the forward thinker, right?)

2) BONUS ENTRIES! (because I adore my fellow super overacheiving, go getting, gotta win this peeps!!!)

SHARE this giveaway! Twitter, facebook, your blog, dailymile, linkedIn, etc etc. Every time you share, leave a NEW (and yes that means SEPARATE) comment and you will get an extra entry.

This raffle will RUN (puns are fun!) for 2 weeks. Entries will be accepted until midnight on September 30th, and winner will be announced October 1st.

All "tickets" will be entered in order that they are received (and I am a master with the spreadsheet so have no fear!), and winners (all 10 of you!) will be drawn by and notified immediately, through email or facebook and of course a Grand Announcement on the blog (to make it more fun, if you win, send me an ecstatic looking pic to show your excitement and I will put in on my blog announcement!).

*** Share the love & accept that one prize package per person is really a cool way to be! ***

Remember, this is all for charity and supports an awesome cause! Imagine what a great impact we can make if we come together to find a cure. As the race for a cure continues, your donations are being used to help fund research, and develop better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and help improve the quality of life for patients and their families as well. We can all pray that someday, there won't be a need for fundraising, that cancer taking lives of loved ones will be a thing of the past!

One last thing, a reward for those of you who actually read the whole blog, if you want to be entered into a special drawing for this handmade Tinkerbell Bow (purchased from Lexies Playhouse Bowtique) - simply leave a comment here that says, "I'm saving someone special!" (of course this is only open to those who donate). I will be wearing a similar one (it's being made for me) to the Inspiration Dinner...

As always, I thank you from the bottom of my heart (and it's a lot deeper a drop than it used to be, kinda like the Grinch…lol)

* All items featured were graciously donated, each company/individual was recognized for assisting in my philanthropy efforts. If you have a product you would like to donate for future fundraising, I would like to hear from you! Send me an email at teamepton at!


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  7. I'm saving someone special! I'm a new follower and I'm happy to donate in support of a wonderful cause!

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  20. Just donated $'s not much but at the moment, it's what we can afford. My father-in-law was diagnosed with leukemia (AML) in 2003 and has been in remission for over 3 years. Thank you for supporting this wonderful cause!