Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spartan Beast - Oh How I WILL Tame Thee!

Admittedly, I probably have some of you confused... Is she a rugged Spartan or a Pretty Princess? Well, in natural "Hope" style, I am both. I am a renaissance woman who doesn't quite fit in a box really. So for the past few weeks you've been reading about my fundraising efforts with Team in Training for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, about the Tinker Bell 1/2, and also the Disney Princess 1/2 and maybe if you follow me on facebook, the Divas 1/2 coming to North Myrtle Beach in May 2012. So all these whimsical races consisting of tutus, tiaras and the occasional boa, you may be left wondering - where did the Beast come from? Well it's the next step in my progression. Last summer I did the Super Spartan, now I must push further - so call me Belle, because I am coming to tame the BEAST!

It was a day like any other day... I was checking my emails, for those of you who don't know, I live on my computer. I've been doing this computer thing for so long, way before it was super popular with the "IN" crowd. Of course, typing HTML in notepad is so outdated, I still never use the drop in's on ANYWAY. I got this email from the Spartan Race, subject: Oktoberfest of Deals from Spartan Race and of course in Spartan fashion - I opened it as soon as possible!

What's this you say? TWO Carolinas Spartan Races? WHAT!?! It was like the lottery (except I'll have to pay to play and the return will be victory, chicking some dudes and of course more BLING!). For those tuning in late, Heather & I drove hours to the center of nowhere South Carolina this summer to test our skills of endurance in the Super Spartan. We got mildly intoxicated from the smell of the marker Heather was using as she worked feverishly on our Who's Your Spartan / U've been Chicked shirts... we arrived thinking we'd get something to eat before the race (middle of nowhere, and apparently the closest thing to this place was a truck stop...hmmm no thanks). Neither one of us had any idea what to expect, but our goal was to enjoy the experience and finish without injury (well we did get some awesome bruises but nothing serious!) Here's the clip of the race this past summer:

Soooo... Are you pumped yet? I am. So for the faint of heart, the first Carolinas Spartan race is a Sprint, taking place at the U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 24th. The Beast, oh the Beast (I will tame you!) is Saturday, October 13th at the Carolina Adventure World (referenced above as center of nowhere SC).

So some background (taken from the site - visit them!):

SPARTAN SPRINT: Challenge’s a Spartan’s Agility
Spartan Sprints are muddy 3+- mile events with 10 or more obstacles. The challenging sprint races are a great way to get off your couch and start living. Beginners to hardcore warriors, and marathon runners alike come out to test themselves on the insane obstacles! This 5k race is comprised of mud runs, obstacles, trail racing, physical challenges and mental challenges all in a 3mi race. 99.9% of all people who try this event will finish, and 100% will have their thirst for mud fully satisfied!

The SPRINT not challenging enough? Try the SUPER SPARTAN - this obstacle race provides an 8+ mile battlefield of insane mud running with 15 or more obstacles to test your physical strength and mental resolve. This mud fest of a race will have many trials to push you to your limits that any man or woman with resolve can complete! This endurance race conists of mud runs, trails, and both mental and physical obstacles and challenges. (Not in Carolinas this year, but check out the events page, Virginia & Florida are on the board!)
All of which I wrote about previously in these postings: Super Spartan Race Saturday and Who's a Chicky Spartan?!?! so feel free to get my take on that!

Ok, so what's a girl to do when she is ALREADY a SUPER SPARTAN? Why try to tame the BEAST of course!

SPARTAN BEAST- 10-12 mile Obstacle Race from Hell. If you have done any race anywhere in the world: whether a mud run, fun run, olympic run, bike race, death march or any kind of event claiming to be the "toughest race on the planet" you will be happy to know that this is where it ends..THIS IS THE SPARTAN BEAST...Step up and get out of your comfort zone, many will arrive, but few will leave!
NOTE: If you are unsure as to if you can do THE BEAST we are allowing you a 'dignified exit' if you need it at mile 3. This will also serve as the ultimate test of resolve for those who plan on doing the full event. Each racer will have to confront choice between luxury and relaxation or facing 9 more miles of HELL. You are welcome to plan on only doing 3 mile section of course but price remains the same and you will not receive official time or medal.

Now, I would be a liar if I said I am not just a little bit intimidated, I mean, the 8 miles of the Super was a lot and of course those damn monkey bars! BUT I did that with very little training, and never having run 8 miles, especially through

I have a healthy respect for these types of events, but that doesn't mean I won't be pushing myself to my limits to just find out exactly what I'm made of... by October 2012, I will have a few 1/2 marathons under my belt, have completed P90X2 and hopefully look more like a Spartan Warrior Princess than I did at the Super with my postpardum pooch squeezing into my fast drying spandex running pants (I'm the one in the pink ([Heathers shirt turned], what a sight I tell ya!)

 As I reread the email, apparently I missed a previous one where there was a 50% savings on registration (big bummer!) so now I only have a 25% off deal, carolinas2012, but I will take it...

So now I ask, who is with me? I'd love to get a group together so if you think you are ready to try the SPRINT, or conquer the BEAST - leave me a comment or shoot me an email at TeamEpton at

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  1. Wish I could take advantage of that deal and do the Spartan with you! Have a blast!