Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bondi Band Fundraiser!

So what is something every runner needs? Perhaps a sweat wicking head band? I have to tell you, I wore my Bondi Band for my first 1/2 last weekend and it was awesome! It did not slip, it did not slide, and it kept my ears warm since it was 50 degrees out at the start.

I am selling this as part of a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Team in Training Fundraiser. Basically you shoot me an email at TeamEpton dot com. You tell me which one(s) you like and include your address. I'll send you the info for paypal and VIOLA! You will get your band(s) in the mail in a few days AND you will be helping raise money for the LLS… Sounds pretty awesome right?

So this is the breakdown
They are $10 each (which includes shipping).
If you want to get multiple, then 2 for $18, 3 for $25
If you want more than that, email me - we'll work something out :)

So there are two types, one kind is a Lycra headband, it's not technical wicking material but they do dry fast. They are more like fashion ones, but if you're doing a lighter workout - they are great. Then the thicker ones are for heavy sweat wicking.

<---- These are the fashion bands.
No Longer Available: Black & White Polka Dot, Flower (2nd from Right), Red Shiny Paisley (Upper Left), Blue Floral (Top, 3rd from Left), Crazy Swirl, Blue Shiny, Blue & Yellow Floral

Even if you don't wear bands while working out, these are so bright and fun - maybe you just want a funky fresh headband?

The heavy wicking bands, are great for harder workouts, like I said, I did a 1/2 and never had to adjust these!

All Gone! 
All Gone!
Only the 6th "I am a Warrior"  remain
All Available (I have multiples)
For the Fashion bands and the bands with sayings, what you see if what I have. For the Team in Training bands, I have about 50 of the assorted colors, so order away!

No Longer Available: You don't smell like a princess anymore (black, lime green, navy), In it for the bling (blue, green), Runner chick (black), Some girls chase boys (gray, navy), Run Like a Girl (pink, lime green, blue, red), Princess (black, orange), Tiara (black, pink, orange), Runner Girl (orange)

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  1. I'm good on them, but have forwarded the info to some others :)