Monday, October 24, 2011

Grey Goose Goodbye & New Beginnings...

This week I am I guess I am in all reality "unemployed" but really just "on vacation" for a week before I start a new chapter in my professional life. It is always bittersweet, moving from one job to another. I know this new position will be beneficial not only financially for my family, but will really allow me to tap into my creativity, fine tune my problem solving skills, and allow me to develop new skills as an IT nerd. The best part, I can telecommute, so my work wardrobe will now be consisting of lounge pants and workout gear (really excited about the idea of two-a-days!) …and I know Stephen is psyched about me finally learning all about this whole crock pot cooking thing… we've had it almost 3 years, I guess it's about time right?

So on Friday morning I had come in to my tiny closet of an office, one last time. Almost 5 years ago, I elected to move in to this space, despite the fact there was no air or heat, it had a window. Of course, this window didn't open, but it was still natural light, and that was more important than heat or a/c… I squeezed a rather large desk and bookcase into this minuscule (used to be a storage room) space and spent the next few years working away… One highlight from Friday, seeing a black bag with gold stripes, just sitting there on my desk, inside…well one of my favs, a little Grey Goose…lol Thanks to Becky & Michelle, my morning was made. I told them if every Friday started like this, I may have stayed... They said they considered a going away lunch, but we are busy people. In my opinion, this was perfect. Thank you ladies…you know me so well :)

So this week I am taking some time to get organized, as boxes pour in, computer stuff, supplies, etc. According to Stephen, I have a 'shitload' of shoes (the running kind of course) so I am going to get to cleaning out my side of the closet, weed out things I really won't wear (this is hard for me) and make room for the new (that is how this works right?).

One a completely unrelated subject, I am a wee bit sore from my little run on Sunday… Nevertheless, I am toying with the idea of running the Battleship Half in Wilmington NC on Nov 6th, but as of right now, I don't know that I will do it. I did however register for the Disney Princess Half (Feb 26, 2012), NC Half Marathon (March 25, 2012) and the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon (October 21, 2012)…am I crazy? Certifiable I am sure. 

In other news, ok well it's kind of related to being Running Crazy, TheDigitel Myrtle Beach (like them on facebook!)has asked me to be their sponsored runner for The Myrtle Beach Race Series (like them on facebook too!) and I am stoked! I was totally going to do this series, but now I get to be all official and share my experiences with everyone - I am super stoked now…lol The thing that I love about this series, not only are these races all a little different, they all support charity & I am a sucker for a race for charity! So stay tuned, I have A LOT of races coming up! Guess I should update my race page… 

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  1. Congratulations on being chosen to be their sponsored runner! That's exciting! Good luck with your new job-you are going to love working from home!