Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Half Cherry Popped!

October 23, 2011 is a day I will not soon forget… I mean, I have been planning this day, waiting on it to come, then in September - I just wished I had a few more weeks. Tendinitis, strep throat, a baby with ear infection after ear infection… I really got zero training in. According to my Daily Mile I had run a total of 10 miles since the first of October (EEEKKK!!!)

So as the days dwindled, I basically made the decision that I was doing it, no mater what - and I was finishing - run, jog, walk, crawl or being dragged… Luckily, I didn't have to do less than walk. 

The great wardrobe debate began in the early afternoon on Saturday. I had picked up some items at Old Navy (big sale on active gear!) and when I got home I began studying the hour by hour forecast. Pants or Shorts? Long or short sleeve? Pull over or zip up? Ugh. I am used to running in the 70's not the 50's… I had forgotten what I would normally wear - blast you cool front!

Anyway, I decided on the capri & tee, with a long sleeve pull over - a girls got to have options! The alarm was set for 515, of course my angel had something other plans, an hour before that to be exact. Luckily she went right back to sleep after a bottle and a diaper change.

Before I knew it, it was time for me to start my day… a small cup of coffee, some plain oatmeal and water… needed to get the pipes cleaned out before this run… the LAST thing I need is to have to doo doo during the race…lol

I headed out at 545am to get my friend Bonnie, this was her first half too - so it was pretty cool! When we got to the race I of course had to pee - and the line, hundreds deep, took FOREVER. Before we knew it - it was 7am and time to get our run on! I don't think I was nervous (maybe I should have been) we start off with a pace in the 10's which was fine. I quickly realized how jealous I was of the men, they would dart into the wood line to pee, and dart back out - bastards.

At about half way I had to fix my shoe, I don't know what I was thinking, new shoes, new orthotic inserts, race day = dumbass! By the time I got it fixed Bonnie was so far ahead, I almost caught her at mile 8, but then the freaking shoe again, I felt like my bone on the pad of my right foot was rubbing my shoe - and I ended up messing with it 2 more times! UGH! To think the foot with the brace on it was NO trouble at all!

Mile 10, I was thinking, ok, 3 more miles, I've run 3 miles thousands of times, I can do this. My legs were heavy, my knee was starting to feel sore, and I just wanted to be done. Those last 3 miles felt like they took forever - of course as I look at the splits, they did take forever (well it was just over 40 minutes!) but it was the end and I refused to stop.

I walked a few times, mostly at the water stations, and at the end of the day, or race, it was 90% mental, that other 10% pretty much kicked my ass…lol

Final Chip Time: 2:42:22 - not super, not bad, just my starting point - next time I will be better prepared, better trained and set a new PR…
Oh yes, I will…

At the end of the race I was greeted by Stephen & Gabriella! I of course had to take her to get our picture done, and scoop up a banana (she loves bananas!) and ok, I grabbed a cookie - I deserved it! We looked for Bonnie amongst the crowd but there were so many people, it seemed to be a loss cause, so we headed out.

Of course I felt like I was lacking two things, chocolate & caffeine, hello Dunkin Donuts! I wonder why Stephen didn't just get me the big one!?!?! He also got me two glazed donut and a jelly, but when he was explaining what he bought, he happened to mention if I wasn't up to eating the jelly he wouldn't be disappointed to have to eat it himself - ha! I'm on to you babe, you can just take that jelly for yourself…lol

Post race we went to my in-laws so they could see Gabriella, and I could show my race day bling! I was pretty tired, and sore, but I knew I'd have time to relax and really - I wanted to show off my compression socks - seriously, I am going to find WAY cuter ones (so if anyone has any links, message me!) but this was my last minute purchase yesterday and I am very glad I got them, they feel great!

SO now, lets talk goodies…
I mean, setting personal records, meeting your goals head on, achieving something a lot of people wouldn't even consider trying - all good. The best part of any race is the goodies! I will say this, impressed. I love the bag (you can never have too many!), tech shirt - SO much better than plain cotton shirts.

NOW lets talk about the BLING! I knew this medal was going to be awesome, I saw it last year and while there is a chick bad ass enough to run a full marathon at 38 weeks pregnant, it was not this chick, and Gabriella is almost 11 months old now, so last year I just kept thinking - next year I am so doing this! I did register for this race when I was still out on maternity leave - that is how serious I was (even if my training reflects otherwise!).

So now as my baby is napping at my in-laws, and my hubby is napping in the bedroom, here I am in my comfy fleece pants with my feet elevated, blogging and watching Property Virgins, I can say, WOW what a day.

Will I do it again, HELL YEAH. I am off to register right now - not just because I get a special rate, but because next year, my time is going to be SO much better! I loved the course, I loved the spirit and I loved my first Half Marathon! My question is, who is coming next year?


  1. Awesome!! Congrats on finishing your first half-mary! Every race is a learning experience - the next time around you'll be better prepared, both mentally & physically. Congrats!!

  2. Great job! I love getting the tech shirt instead of a tshirt for a race. I think people would be willing to pay more if given the option to get a tech shirt.

    Enjoy putting your feet up! You deserve it!