Monday, October 3, 2011

My Winners...

I know, there are so many people on my facebook and Twitter feeling a sense of relief... the raffle is over, winners have been contacted, and the posts just about begging them to enter has come to an end... I am sure I have lost some followers due to my incessant postings about helping save lives, asking for donations, seeking support for the cause - but seriously, if I've been blocked, hidden, unfriended or unfollowed - buh-bye, no big loss...

I pride myself on supporting others, and I am a sucker for a cause. St Judes, Make a Wish, AHA, Cancer anything, really if someone is running a virtual race, posting a raffle, whatever - if I can I will, and if I can't, I will tell them, I wish I could - maybe next time... What I won't do is dump them, it's just not cool.

Anyway, I don't want to be a buzz kill because I am super stoked for all the winners of my Team in Training, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Raffle!

So without further delay… announcing in reverse order so that the Grand Prize Winner is at the end…suspenseful - I know.

The Lucky 7 Prize Package:
TWO pair of iBungee Laces, RoadID Gift Card for $15.00, Three random packages of GU, and a Custom made TAM Band
 ~*~ A prize package worth ≈ $30! ~*~


Erica Tyler, Leia Ritt, Holly Richrath, Bethany Becker, Cheryl Holsberry, Ceci Mains and Mary Beyrau!
Thanks Ceci for your "I can't believe I won!" picture! (I love when people play

The Second Runner Up Package:
TWO pair of iBungee Laces, A bondi Band fit for a Princess wicking headband, Moving Comfort "Support Your Girls" t-shirt (size Medium) 
~*~ A prize package worth ≈ $50! ~*~ 

 p.s. Denise assures me this shirt will be worn well... You go girl!

The First Runner Up Package:
TWO pair of iBungee Laces, A Bondi Band 'Run like a girl' wicking headband, A Running girl car magnet, A 31 Gifts Lunch Tote personalized as "Snacks" AND The Tiara Medal Hanger
 ~*~ A prize package worth ≈ $85! ~*~



TWO pair of iBungee Laces, Run Like a Girl Necklace, a Running Princess Visor AND The Running Girl Medal Hanger
~*~ A prize package worth ≈ $100! ~*~



For those who read through the entire blog
& loved the Tinker Bell Bow 
the winner is….

[not the comedian, apparently in my fb tagging frenzy, there are more than 1 (crazy huh?) and so if Suzanne the comedian is expecting this bow, my apologies for the confusion!]

Congratulations to all of you who participated, you are all winners to me
& together we raised a little over $550!

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  1. I love that you ran across the comedian that shares my name!