Sunday, November 13, 2011

Getting Crafty... or at least I thought!

Ok, so let me first start off by saying, I would never have called myself crafty, not in the tricky, cunning way and certainly not in the glue gun and ribbon way, but when I started on this mission to raise money with Team in Training, I found myself the later of the two crafty's - or at least I thought!

I have been painting, hot gluing and making more bows then I would have ever imagined in the past month or so... I am not sure how it started really...oh right, Pinterest. I was turned onto this site where people from all over are just a smidgen into a whole world of boards and pins... I was suckered into this vortex by my loving mother in law, thanks GiGi! It all started with the googly eye frame for Halloween...

Ah yah, my frames were AWESOME (if I do say so myself!) and then that lead to the, "I bet I could sell these and raise some money for LLS" thought... next thing you know I am spending my Friday and Saturday nights (yes, way different than the weekends of the early 90's) designing, painting and creating these little pieces of handcrafted art decor. I also began making lit cubes, which are made to look like little presents... I made one for Halloween & I have made more than a dozen for the holiday season... I love these things, they are SO pretty & they make great little night lights!
Well this past Saturday was the big craft show where I was going to sell out of all my frames, cubes and bows, where I would easily be able to hit my 50% mark in my fundraising efforts, and undoubtedly be taking orders for customized creations (I even had the carbon copy invoice papers to do it!) - Oh yes, this event had me up near midnight for days, preparing for what would be a glorious day in my TNT journey. I just knew it would be worth it...
Look at me, so excited & hopeful... such a
We arrive right on time, GiGi was so fabulous to come help me! We got our cramped little table set up, albeit my marketing skills kinda blew on this one, I didn't make price signs, and apparently (I learned later on) people need to see how they could use a bow, like I should have taken pictures of how I use bows in my decorating... Honestly, I just thought it would sell itself because it's a bow - not a juicer, but I guess I was wrong.

It started off slow, but it was cold out... after the first 15 minutes I had texted Stephen that we'd had a few lookers but nothing sold yet. After an hour and a half, my next text simply said "This sucks." - I know I am an overachiever and perhaps expected too much, but when it came to be 1:30pm (4.5 hours into the 6 hour event) and I had sold 1 cube and 1 frame, and I had already cried 3 times... I was exhausted, I was disappointed and I just couldn't understand why people wouldn't love my work... especially since it was all going to charity!!!

The next hour and a half was slow and painful, as people were obvious in their attempts to not make eye contact, walk by quickly saying "Pretty, Pretty" (yeah blue hair, I heard you!) and when I finally decided to take a few minutes away to catch the end of the first half of the Gamecocks game, I returned to see GiGi had sold another frame... I contemplated the notion that perhaps I needed to watch the rest of the game and let her handle the table but I didn't...

The only other thing we sold was another cube, the to the Partylite Consultant at the table next to ours. So 6 hours, 3 full on tearfeasts, 2 fight hard to hold back tears, and 1 pathetic attempt to raise money... we sold 2 cubes and 2 frames. So, between the cost of the table and lunch, I am down $70 and raised a whopping $44 for TNT. Not exactly the all out, balls to the walls event I had in my mind, imagined.

I guess I must have sounded so down my darling hubby arranged for GiGi to keep Gabby so we could go out to dinner, I could have those drinks and then get a full, uninterrupted nights sleep... yeah, he's a keeper :)  So after the Great Craft debacle of 2011, I arrived home to see my angel and hubby waiting to greet me in the driveway. Nothing like a nice family hug to melt away all the bad of the day. Gabby now gives kisses, which is so adorable and makes my heart smile. Stephen and I did have an awesome dinner out, I had a few Cosmos (made it for happy hour too which is bonus!) and of course we did partake in a caffeinated (loving the Pumpkin Spice coffee or latte or whatever it is!) stroll through Barnes & Noble... then home where I slept so soundly, it was pure bliss...

As far as Crafting for a Cure, crashing and burning, I won't allow myself to get too discouraged, just know that I don't fail...  While this was an unexpected set back, I am moving forward. I have about a dozen custom frames that I need to do for some awesome peeps... and I know that the next show will be has to be! (I've warned my relatives that if I don't sell this stuff they are all getting a frame and cube for Christmas and my tree will be covered in just bows!!!)

Just a few of my little frames!
I will also post pictures of my little masterpieces on my facebook page...ya know, in case you want (hey, I am not giving up!)

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  1. I hate that your craft show didn't go well! I love those cubes and probably would have bought waaay too many if I had been there!

    How sweet of your hubby to take you out to dinner!