Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Joshua's Super Sweet 16

November 29, 1995 - that is when my adventures in mommyhood began. It's hard to believe I have a 16 year old! I feel like I'm still in my 20's (most days) and for a girl knocking on 40's door, I look pretty darn good too! ANYWAY, enough about me...lol I guess I should have put this up earlier in the week but I guess that is the difference between a birthday celebrated on a Friday versus a birthday celebrated on a Tuesday night!

I know a lot of you may have seen that ridiculous show on MTV, where parents spend obnoxious amounts of money celebrating their child's sweet 16 birthday... well since the real estate market took a dump in 2008, I wasn't able to take a second mortgage out on the house to make his dreams come true with Rap stars and Go-Go dancers, sorry. I mean if his party could get the same return on investment as Kim Kardashians wedding bash (aka PubStunt or just your good old run of the mill - Sham), it would have been well worth the effort. Unfortunately, I never planned on such an event, it's just not how we roll.

SO, in our family tradition, the birthday boy got to chose where he'd like to dine for the evening (we all know he wasn't going to choose a home cooked meal, I can't blame him either) and the family all joined together to sing Happy Birthday and watch him blow out the candle on his lemon meringue pie (this is a veering off the tradition, but it's what he wanted instead of cake, so be it!) and of course - presents.

We were kind of stumped as to what he could possibly need, we know what his top 3 list items were, 1. Driver Ed, 2. Car and 3. Laptop... Well the first two weren't happening, he's got some work to do before that comes to fruition. The Laptop was something we were throwing back and forth. It is, and we both realize, a bit much for a birthday present, even this overly dramatized 16th birthday. We did decide that if we did make such a large purchase, it would be like, Happy Birthday - Merry Christmas (maybe throw in Valentines Day, St Patrick's Day and Memorial Day too!) - So off to Best Buy we went.

Joshua stayed over his friends house on Monday night, so bright and early (and really to make sure he was up in time to go to school) I called him and sang my little heart out. His reaction, "Thanks Mom." - Ahhhh teenagers... I am sure he didn't even listen to the entire song! Regardless, the count down began to his present unveiling... I know, the 1st Birthday - Princess wrapping is so played out, but hey it's not like we were going to use it again anyway... Lord knows I don't need to store more wrapping paper! Besides, I found it humorous...maybe it's just me, but I'll take what I can get!

So all day, time is winding down, you'd think it was my birthday - I was so excited to see his reaction... Would it be tears? Would there be a girly scream to rival those Justin Beiber (I don't understand why) would hear trying to buy bubblegum at the grocery store? Would he jump up & down yelling "Thank You! Thank You! You're the best parents in the world!!!"... No, there would be none of that. I'd like to think it was shock and awe,  Stephen later told me Joshua had tweeted his excitement moments after opening his gift... well that makes me feel better...lol

Josh McMorrow

I got a new Mac book!

And course he had gone to the House of Blues to see Mac Miller, he met him that morning at the mall or something when he was Black Friday Shopping with a friend... The boy loves his twitter, I wonder if Mac Miller ever responded...

Josh McMorrow

follow me it's my birthday.
Anyway, back to the festivities! Joshua almost didn't want to go to dinner, but he is 16, and apparently needs to feed like a cow in the mid-west, because the boy does not stop eating. Which is one reason he HAS to get a job this summer, I mean besides the fact I work from home now, I can't afford to have him home everyday for every meal... he needs to start carrying his weight around here!

Of we went to dinner... We went to Liberty, not my favorite, but it's where he wanted to go... I am not a steak person, so I ordered the salmon, why it came out looking fried is beyond me...yuck. Anyway, he seemed to enjoy his meal & was looking forward to getting back to the house to play with his new laptop!

All in All I think it was a success, he enjoyed his birthday and now will bug me to help him set this and that up on his computer as he learns the way of the Mac.
I can't believe he is 16, wow. Just WOW. I may be taking this harder than when I turned 30... or when he turned 5...that was rough too...lol

Happy Sweet 16 Joshua... you're a great kiddo and we've been through a lot, we've had some ups and downs, but at the end of everyday one thing has never changed, and never will - I love you, seriously... I do.

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