Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rivertown Reindeer Race

The Rivertown Reindeer Race is in Conway, SC and this was the first time I had run in Conway period. The morning was in a word, FREEZING. The brain child I am decided that I would wear long socks, shorts and a long sleeve top - needless to say, I was not warm. Of course Stephen pointed out that the chicks wearing knee length capri's and short socks had just as much skin exposed if not more. My thoughts, I should have worn long pants, leg warmers, gloves and ear muffs! It was only 36 degrees, which in some points north of the Mason Dixie line, may not be terrible, but to this NY transplant with no affection for the cold weather, can I please have the 60's back?

As I checked in, trying to ignore the stares of people thinking I am completely off my rocker, I was pleasantly surprised by the pretty awesome tech shirt, in green (awesome) that was in the swag bag. I debated putting it on, but Stephen said it would be like wearing a rock t-shirt to the concert... Apparently back in '90 I wasn't cool at that Motley Crüe concert - my bad... Anyway, I didn't put it on but it worked out ok since I had a sports bra, compression tank and a long sleeve cold weather shirt (my core was toasty at least!).
I ran into Jenn, if you remember we did the Turkey Trot together (me the 8k & she the 5k) and if I had known she was going to do this too, we would have carpooled! She decided this morning at 7am she'd brave the cold, and she took 2nd in our age group! NOW, had I come in 4th and not 5th, I would have teased her that if she'd slept in - I'd have some bling! The times for the female 35-39 group are crazy!

Top 5 by Age-Time: 36 - 21:30, 38 - 25:47, 38 - 27:14, 38 - 27:18, 36 - 29:45 (the last one being Either I have to start kicking it up a notch or seriously live up the time I am 38! Of course with the one speed demon chick, I can only hope for a first in age group if she never shows It's all good though, I loved my race... speaking of which, my race!
So again, I had never run in Conway, SC despite it being about 15 minutes from my house. They really don't have too many races, but if they did - I'd run them all! This course took us through the residential areas where Spanish moss and older homes lined the streets. It was like something out of an old book. People and their kids were on their front porches, cheering people on as they were huddled under their blankets. It was by far one of my most favorite races. As Jenn said, "It was such a pretty course"...indeed it was. I didn't realize how many hills there were in Conway. I joked (half joked really) about how we should train a little on these streets - I need to get some hill training in! In case you don't know, Myrtle Beach is probably one of the flattest areas you will find in the US (not sure if this is a fact but in my opinion it's true - further research is

I always try to look around and guess who might be in my age group. I was sure that the grey haired lady in the purple tights was over 39, and the little girl (who beat me in the end by a ONE second) was way younger... but other than that I kept my Garmin covered and my focus on my run. Up and down a few hills, around a few corners and I was approaching the finish. Jenn cheered me on as I was about 50 yards from the end. Stephen was my paparazzi (as usual, and I love you for it!) and I think I saw Gabriella clap her hands! What a great way to finish!

I do want to give props to the population who I am most in awe of, the 2 gentleman and 1 lady who are in the 71-99 age group. Y'all, they floor me...
          ********** FEMALE 5K RUN AGE GROUP:  71 - 99 **********

Place Name                  S Age City               St Finish  Pace  
===== ===================== = === ================== == ======= ===== 
    1 Delores Horn          F  72 Pawleys Island     SC   31:07 10:01 

           ********** MALE 5K RUN AGE GROUP:  71 - 99 **********

Place Name                  S Age City               St Finish  Pace  
===== ===================== = === ================== == ======= ===== 
    1 George Hagan          M  75 Murrells Inlet     SC   28:21  9:08 
    2 Terry Williams        M  71 Conway             SC   30:13  9:44 
Seriously, I am PRAYING to someday populate this age group - after all it may be my only shot at 1st in Age Group...lmao!!!

Well I am happy the turn out was so good, it benefited the Red Cross, so another great race for another great cause! I'll be looking to see if Gabby makes the news, the camera man thought she was so cute with the antlers on, well actually she is SO cute!


  1. One of my bucket list goals is to age group place by the time I'm 70. Those folks are inspiring!!

    Awesome race, Hope! These beautiful streets are my training ground - I love living in Conway. I'd offer to run with you on some hill workouts, but you'd outpace me for sure!!

    Great job!

  2. Hope, thanks for the great blog post. It is a great race and a great cause. And hey, it wasn't that cold (lol), it actually got really nice after awhile. And your baby is adorable.--Angela Nicholas, Red Cross Rescue Racers