Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year, A New You?

The Internet is officially flooded with 101 ways to change your life, start now, jump to it and go go go! Well sure, the new year is and always has been some unofficial mark of new beginnings, as if a date on a calendar should shove us into some deep contemplation of all the things we failed to do this year, and all the things we want to do in the year to come.

When people ask me what my new year resolutions are, I visibly cringe. Seriously? Well lets see, I can go with old faithful, lose x amount of weight and maybe by some grace of God fit back into that stack of premarital jeans that honestly are probably out of style or will at the very least require a good dusting... My response is usually that of, I don't really have any. I am of the mindset that we are, and always will be "works in progress".

What a Diet plan huh?
Sure I say it's always a good time to start fresh, set goals, and begin with those baby steps into the future of health and wellness. We all need to incorporate exercise into our lives, with some kind of regularity, and educate ourselves to find a healthy balance in nutrition... So really it comes down to lifestyle changes that will stay with us and adapt with us as we flip the calendar month after month.
kinda reminds me of a fried egg!
I just can't imagine telling myself I can't have something to eat, depriving myself? Having said that, it's quite clear - I don't "diet", hell the word has die in it... really that doesn't sound like the direction I want to go? No. I will say this, brace yourself, I am NOT perfect! There I said it... what a relief! I love coffee with 1/2 & 1/2 and sugar, I love chocolate ice cream and cake. I can eat my weight in Mexican food, especially those evil baskets of chips they plop in front of you with salsa... What I strive for is balance;  mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally and nutritionally.

So when I see others try to portray the idea of perfection, (and who knows, maybe they are as close to perfect as a human specimen can be?) well to them I say, congratulations. I honestly cannot spend hours at the gym, my abs will likely never be super chiseled (I like to think I was close once after my first born was like 2, so possible after giving birth) and while it may work for others, giving up meat and dairy is just not something I am into.  Does this make me a less reliable source of information, motivation and maybe even, inspiration to others?  In my opinion, I think this makes me a realist. I wouldn't say that I will never be rock solid again, I just know that right now, my focus is to be as healthy as I can be without stressing myself over comparing body fat percentages and pace times with others. Can I bench my weight? No, no I can't. I was working the upper body the other day and I am still sore. Do I someday want to have carved arms? Sure, who doesn't? First step, stop setting yourself up for failure by tearing yourself down... I think it's easier to remodel then build from rumble, but maybe I'm wrong?

I just hate the cycle that we often find ourselves in, it's like we are ultimately never satisfied. I suppose this can be a positive, it keeps us moving - as long as it's in the right direction, right? Well what if all we do is pick ourselves apart, always looking to the person next to us and saying "Why can't I be like her?" when we should be enjoying the people around us for what they bring the table. We should embrace our lives, enjoy our lives, and yes, do all things possible to protect our lives from preventable disease. So yes, I would always advise to exercise most days of the week doing it what ever makes you happy and fulfilled. You have to enjoy it otherwise it won't last. I can't give out nutritional plans, but I will say this, find things you can do to make better choices more often then not. 

So this year, as in years passed and all to come, I will continue my existence doing all the things that fulfill me, excite me, and make me happy. I refuse to run on empty both in joy and in calories. If you want to be successful in your goals for your life, be realistic, be focused, and most of all, be positive. If you slip up, fall behind, gain an inch or a pound, or indulge - it's not a failure, it's life. All things with moderation and balance, it really is the only sustainable plan for overall health.

p.s. One year I did make a resolution, it was to be nicer to people... After a few days I realized, I am who I am... so I just don't bother trying so hard anymore!

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  1. I always try to give myself some new year resolutions. But I truly do them rarely. So this year I have to try hard!