Monday, January 2, 2012

Fruit Flies, Tequila & Bananas

Anyone else love bananas? I do, and so does my baby girl. She is absolutely demolishes a banana. We've never had issues with fruit flies (I thought of gnats but I guess they are different) but all of a sudden, they were everywhere and we couldn't get rid of them. I mean we have quarterly pest control dudes that come and spray in and out. So to the Internet for a solution...

I found 2 interesting facts, well 3 really... 

The first, when your bananas are completely yellow, you can put them in the fridge and they will last longer and stay firm on the inside...I mean not for a week or anything but 4 or 5 days. I am ecstatic to find this out (how I didn't know that until know baffles me!)

The second thing, Tequila. Fruit flies love it, and coupled with the fact that they are not the smartest insect to ever roam the airwaves, if you put a funnel in a glass of tequila, they will fly in BUT they are just lacking the problem solving skills to fly back out... pretty cool but does it work? Well I had to put it to the test. Now, I don't like Tequila... I have had it twice in my life, and neither time I could get past the taste. Fortunately, when I got married, the venue had given us a margarita gift basket with 2 glasses, 2 packets of mix, and 2 mini bottles... So I rigged up this contraption and waited...patiently...

Those guys just hung out around the top just chillen. I was not hopeful at all. Wouldn't you know it, by the end of the night there were quite a few suckers just floating in the tequila... It's been sitting out for a few days now. Stephen thought he'd put out another glass with a funnel in case they caught on to the trap by seeing all their friends floating in the drink but my theory, they just don't have the capacity for that kind of reasoning...

The third thing, Ammonia is good for cleaning out your pipes... and I am talking like kitchen and bathroom plumbing - not your internal plumbing - just to be clear. Apparently these little pests like to hang in your sink pipes, especially when you have a garbage disposal. Who knew?

So there you have it, keep your bananas fresher longer, and while I don't like tequila, the fruit flies do... It seems like the new year is starting off on the right foot!

Oh and I am using the auto clean feature on my oven for the first time ever... When I bought my first house in 2000, I got a new oven. I sold that house in 2004, having never cleaned the oven - admittedly only using it a handful of times anyway. So in 2004 I built my house, and this is the first time I am cleaning it... yes, I don't cook much and now my house smells - I guess if I can get another 7 years before the next cleaning, I might just get out of having to do this


  1. another banana fact- if you take them apart, rather than keeping them in a bunch, they wont ripen as fast. :)

  2. Yeah I do love bananas too. Theyre the best fruits ever. I know how to do banana ice cream. Just to freeze them and split.