Monday, January 2, 2012

2 Races, 1 Day, 0 Regrets

We are in trouble - she's on the move!
 Ringing in the new year, well honestly I was fast asleep when the ball dropped, I am assuming it did. Gabriella was sick with a fever on Friday, and well I think she shared. Saturday, after being at the fitness center from 645am-3pm, I really started feeling so blah. So for New Years Eve, it was an exciting night of herbal tea, pj's and asleep by 930pm.

I really didn't know how I might feel for the first day of 2012. When I woke up the next morning, I was still not 100%. I debated whether or not I could or more so, would take my sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching runner butt to this Prediction Run 5k. The event started at 10am, so admittedly, I had a few hours to go through the pros and cons.

Pro: I have paid my money to the Virtual Run Against Cancer, and I have bought the canned goods for the Prediction Run.

Con: I feel like a dirty sock... I want to sit in a hot shower until the feeling of fever dissipates

Pro: If I get out and run, I will ultimately feel better

Con: If I sit around the house, I will likely feel worse and then guilty and regretful for not just putting on my big girl panties and doing the run...

Go! Go! Go! Gabby!
So that is what I did... I got dressed to include my latest hot pink Bondi Band, adorning the phrase "One Hot Mess", I thought it fitting given my situation...

My predicted time was 29:15, my actual time was 30:29, so I was 1:14 off... I guess if I was 100% I would have been closer but honestly, it was more about supporting the Running Club and the local food bank. I was hopeful that I'd get an AG award, but it was by closest prediction time and apparently there were many in the 30-39 group that had a better grasp on their own paces...

The run itself was 3 loops around the lake, which can be discouraging, like when you get lapped. I struggled with my breathing as Tonya and I fell further and further behind an 8 year old girl. I really can't decide which is worse, I suppose neither are bad... for them...I guess I am happy to see kids out running races and I will always be lapped by a dude with legs longer than my entire vertical existence. I dragged my tail around the lake, each time reminding myself that I am almost done, it's only 3.1 miles... short run, no biggie, just a warm It wasn't an awesome run, I didn't get that light as a feather feeling, but I got it done.

After I finished the race, Stephen & I took Gabriella to the park and she got in one of those little cars, but the one swing she could use was broken and the slides were too big... but it was enjoyable to just be outside, since it was freakishly warm for Jan 2nd... who wouldn't want to be enjoying 70 degrees? The sun was shining, the ghetto doves (pigeons) were out seeking scraps from the tons of people out and about taking advantage of the warm new year day! It really is refreshing to see so many active people out, especially the kids...

My Cheerleaders!
My second race, well it really wasn't like I ran two separate races, just supported two causes in one day. The Virtual Race Against Cancer supporting a fellow Team in Training member who was also working with Relay for Life. If she reached her fundraising goal (which she did), she is going to shave her head in May...Oh I cannot wait to see that!

So by the end of the day, I had run to support 2 causes, taken down the 6 window wreaths, 5 inflatables, 4 spotlights and we finally moved Gabby's playhouse from the in-laws to our Carolina room. We also flipped the carpet so my office is now defined as the wooden space and Gabby's space & house has wall to wall carpet!

I really couldn't ask for a better way to kick off this new year than to spend most of the day, outside, with my family... and I did end up feeling much better!


  1. Thanks for participating in the Virtual Run Against Cancer. I made $510 which is a quarter of my goal of $2,000. I have a Zumbathon that I'm hosting this Saturday...hopefully it'll be as successful as the one for TNT! I don't think I'll have any problems with reaching my goal by May. I'll be sure that you get the URL to my head shaving!! :)

  2. Beth, I thought you met your goal? Or did you exceed what you wanted for this event? Either way, I'm glad I could help, participate & spread the word! Anytime you do a virtual run just let me know!!!

  3. Fellow Tough Chik! Looking forward to reading!
    I'm thinking I'm going to need a Bondi Band. You are like the millionth person that's mentioned them and I'm liking the "one hot mess"