Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh Love, How I love to love you...

It's funny, I was thinking this morning, how much I love my daughter, as she blew raspberries and giggled in the backseat. I also thought how much I loved my husband, and how fortunate we are to have such as strong and awesome relationship. I haven't seen Joshua a lot, with my schedule and his new-found interest - Track (which I am oh so proud of), but I love him too, even with his nonstop barrage of emails, containing listing of cars he wishes would magically appear in the driveway.

Then I started thinking about how today is Valentines Day, or maybe best described as a Hallmark holiday. Now, don't get me wrong, celebrating your love for someone (romantic or platonic) is a wonderful thing - I just think (and this is my opinion, we can agree to disagree) you should probably do it more often, and with less expense and hoopla.

I was thinking and driving, which admittedly is not the best combo before coffee, and it crossed my mind that people in general, Love Love. They love food, they love clothes, they love my blog (ok, I had to put that in there...) and some are just in love with love. Now, do we love guacamole in the same way as our kids? Maybe, but most likely not. So I wonder when does the use of the word love begin to reduce its meaning? I am guilty, as I know I throw it around, my professed love of running, or  as demonstrated at the Running Skirts booth at the Tinker Bell expo...maybe a better word would be obsessed. Do you use the word love for things that you simply enjoy or think are fabulous?
Anyway, on this Valentines Day, I will spend the evening interning, and so I wonder if anyone else feels like this is just another Tuesday night? Would I really have gone out on a week night for a romantic dinner, to wait for a table even though I had a reservation? Honestly, no. My ideal night would be in my comfy clothes, hanging with my best friend (which is my husband if you were wondering), maybe playing a little scrabble, watching t.v. or talking...

To define LOVE in my life, it would look like this:

It may not always be flowers and candy, gourmet dinners (mostly because I can't cook), or straight from a fairytale, but what it always is, is Love. Usually with a lot of laughter, some times it's tough, usually its kind, and supportive, and always with the best of intentions. So yes, I love love. To me there no better feeling in the world than to love, and be loved, and in my opinion, everyone deserves that.

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  1. I totally agree that nowadays sometimes it looks like people love love but not the one it should be to. So I try to give my love to my beloved any day and anyway I can.