Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Body Alphabet

So yesterday I had one of those happy moments, standing in my closet peering at the stacks of pants on that top shelf (you know that stack, the 'is it gonna fit' stack). See, it's dangerous territory - that stack, because if I try to get my butt into a pair of pants, there are only 2 ways it can work. One way, I end up in tears because for some reason the button doesn't want to meet the hole... or two, everything closes and I rejoice in slimming down another size... fortunately for me, I actually got into my size "L" - down from my size "M" pants... I know you are thinking Medium and Large but actually I have this whole other

Anyone who has ever been at their "Ideal" size knows that you will typically waiver from time to time... even at my "I" size, I had some "H" pants and some "J" pants... confused? Ok, here it is... my ideal is not your ideal. If I said, "Oh god I feel so huge, I have to wear my size 8's today because I am PMSing" you might think - "yeah you're such a heifer - I haven't been an 8 since the 6th grade!" - So last night, not sure why, but I have derived this lettering system for my sizes... because at the end of the day, its not the number on the tag but the feeling you have when you are in your pants...

Here it is, and some people may think this is stupid, but hey it works for me and if it doesn't work for you - then don't use

First, I identify my Ideal size, that is my size "I". Then I have this list:
G = Gauntly Ill (like when I had depression or that appendectomy and couldn't have solids for a week)
H = Hello ~ baby is losing her back here!
I = Ideal, I wear it like a diva!
J = Just a little further...
K = Keep going, you're getting closer
L = Lets see, yup its working!
M = My, I have some work to do...

Granted, my size M was and is related to the precious 5 month old that seems to still want to wake up at 230am to say hello and relieve the pressure building in my bosom... but we have all (or at least some of us) at one point or another and for various reasons,  gotten to a place where we don't feel comfortable in our own skin. We know when we have to do some work, and would walk around stuffed in our undersized bottoms before we'd be damned to buy another size up!

So now I am rocking my size L's, knowing that all this running I am back to doing, is making a difference... and what does that mean? It means that I am even more motivated to get out and log more miles!!! Of course tonight I have a final at 7pm, so I would either have to squeeze it in before then (which probably won't happen because I wouldn't get home until 530pm and need to study more!) or I'll be the crazy nocturnal runner at 8pm (which isn't out of the question, it would just depend on where we are at in the nightly routine with the angel)... 

You might consider it trickery or tomfoolery... I think of it as viewing your body as your own, and not being defined by a number! We are all different, we should begin to embrace what is healthy and beautiful about ourselves, not how many pounds we need to shed or what size we wore in high school... lets face it, my butt never carried the 'skinny' jean and never will...and in a dream world, my thighs would never rub together!

At the end of the day, well actually in the beginning of the day, my goal isn't really a number, it's a feeling... I want to put on a pair of pants and feel like a sexy mama!


  1. Love, love this way of thinking. I want to go relabel all of my clothes right now. "my goal isn't really a number, it's a feeling" That's PERFECT.

  2. You're so right - knowing what works for us and what makes us feel good and motivated is better than an arbitrary label on our clothes!

  3. hahahah "H" makes me giggle the most! Love this post :)