Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another goal set in motion...

So anyone who knows me, knows, I am always thinking about what's next... it's a blessing, and a curse. Anyway, after talking to Heather, post running clinic, I was committed to register for my certification exam. See we have big plans, not to be too vague right now, but trust me, we are conspiring something fabulous! Last night, we decided to set a deadline on our exam, end of May we are going to sit for the ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist exam! So today, feeling like the semester is over and I have a little free time (depends on who you ask really), I did it... I registered. Friday, May 27th, at 1:00pm, I will test my knowledge, I will prove that the past too many years of studying have been worth something, and my 3.938 GPA means more than 3.938...lol

Now, well - I am nervous. What if I fail? What if I completely blank, choke, lose it? I know, I can't think like that... I am pretty smart, I know my stuff... and yet I worry about it. Worry is like paying interest on a loan you haven't taken, at least that's what I keep telling myself. I thought though, maybe I should keep it to myself, because if I do fail, people are going to ask me how it went and then I will have to admit failure... I guess then failure is NOT an option!?!?

I suppose if I let the thought of failing preclude me from putting my plans for the future into motion, well I would still be single, living with my mom (yikes!) and maybe not even potty trained? hahaha ok, lets not get crazy, I love my mom but seriously, could not live with her.

We cannot live in fear of what we may fall short of achieving, otherwise we would surely never achieve. So, I have my stack of study materials and I am going to make the time to review all this information I have been exposed to in the past 3+ years, and proceed confidently.

Lets face it, if I didn't worry about not achieving this goal, I would have to question if my goal was worth achieving...

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