Saturday, May 14, 2011

Filthy for a Good Cause

I tend to register for a lot of races, mostly running, although I plan on doing a triathlon this year, before I turn 36... When I saw the Myrtle Beach Mud Run, I thought, hmmm... sounds interesting... Then I saw that they were raising money for the Humane Society... I have to say, any event with a charitable tie - well it wins me over... I did an Autism 5k in April. I don't know anyone with Autism, but I think I felt awesome running because I knew my registration fee would be going to a good cause.

 So yesterday, Heather and I spent the better part of the afternoon crafting our little hearts out! Heather showed up at my door with bags in hand - shirts, paint, markers, bandanas and hot pink duct tape! Our four person team, the mudda truckas, were going to show up in style... handcrafted, creative skills all out, style... I tell you what - making the shirts was a lot of fun, who knew we were so talented?  And yes, we have no shame, we plugged our blogs on the backs of our shirts... nothing is better than some free advertising - right?

We went to packet pick up which was at the Marina Inn @ Grand Dunes, so I was pretty stoked to get my shirt, and a bracelet... I adore tchotchkes - especially from races :) I couldn't believe how fast the afternoon flew by - when I got home it was already 5pm! 

Courtesy of Creative Xpressions Photography
I was up coughing a lot last night, my angel (aka petri dish), has had green goo flowing and coughing all week... guess who started feeling like doodie on Thursday - yup, me. I was so worried that I would be sick for this weekend...

I couldn't have that happen - I was so looking forward to this event... I had to make it! So determined, despite the cough, scratchy throat, and crappy sleep, I got up around 6am. First thing, nurse my princess... then it was time to get ready!!! Dawning my hand crafted, kick ass, mud run race gear - I was so excited, I just wanted to get there and get started!!!

I think the one thing about this race that surprised me the most was all the running! I mean, I knew the course was like 3.5 miles, but somehow I didn't give that much thought, I was more focused on the MUD!

Creative Xpressions Photography
I couldn't believe that there were people who finished this event almost as clean as they started! I mean, seriously people - it's a mud run... isn't the mud the whole point? If you didn't get dirty, you didn't do it right!!! I had so much fun, diving into the mud pits, stomping through sludge and even scurrying through pipes which my brother questioned the smell of and as Heather said, made me feel like a ninja turtle! Can I be Leonardo?

I was very happy with our bling! Quite nice, if I do say so myself... and all the snacks & beverages offered at the finish were above & beyond! Gatorade & Mini Fudge Stripe cookies, this event - awesome!

Courtesy of Creative Xpressions Photography
Anyway, there was no way on this side of the Mason Dixon Line that I wasn't going to get completely, and totally, covered in mud from head to toe... and I like to think I did a pretty good job of it! I will say kudos to my team members for embracing the spirit of the mud run... we all came out of it pretty freaking filthy!

Heather said she wants to do it again... so I said, well there is always the 28th! I am already registered for the Dirty Myrtle Mud Run - Lets see if she is up to another one for 

Of course in true team spirit, I think we should wear our team shirts and of course take it to the next level, I saw these socks at Dicks Sporting Goods... oh how fun!

p.s. the best thing we did was to recruit my father-in-law, he drove our dirty asses home in the back of his truck!


  1. tchotchkes, that always makes me giggle! I need to get those orange/pink striped socks, I have a sports bra that matches them to a TEE!!! I had soooo much fun today! 2 showers later and I'm still finding dirt in random places, LMAO

  2. Looks like you guys had a muddy good time!!! :)

  3. I LOVE it! Looks like you guys had so much fun...and for a great cause!