Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day...

I was planning this deeply thought out, sentimental blog about moms, being a mom and everything about mothering...I feel a little bad because I just didn't have time (I am a mom) and now it's almost 10pm, I am finally on the computer and pumping (multi-tasking - yay!), and for whatever reason, I am just not feeling all that mushy... I guess what I can say is, never did I think I would so freely pick someones nose, catch their puke in my hand, and deal with huge explosions of doo doo (cover this in a minute)...all with vigilance and without contemplation...I am a mom, and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

This Mothers Day was different from those in the past since this is Gabriella' first! Boy she wanted to make sure she spent as much of this day with me as you ask? She was up every 2-3 hours last night...

Despite being sleep deprived, I had an enjoyable day. We went out to breakfast and then to the mall, I was going to get those Brooks Trance 10's but then the store didn't even carry them! During our visit to NY&Co. (I had some city cash to spend), Stephen informed me that Gabriella was stinking up the joint & he was going to change her (he is an awesome dad), so I took my phone out of the stroller incase he needed Well, about 5 minutes later the emergency call for back up was received! Now yesterday we took her to doctors care for her eye (puffy yucky junk) and she exploded...
I found myself reaching up to change her on a changing station made for someone 6 ft tall, only to find we had 1 wipe left & it was dried up! I felt like if this whole episode was on camera, we could have won FHV..I was using tisses and water to clean her was a mess! Before we left today I grabbed the wipes from my bag and also put in more clothes & diapers... Well lets say when I found Stephen, his first words were - "We are out of wipes!"... the seat, the stroller, my princess's new outfit - destroyed... *sigh*

We spent the rest of the afternoon with the family, relaxing a little. We headed home to prepare for a BBQ dinner. It was about 5:30pm when I was convinced (by Stephen) that it was perfectly fine for me to go on my run... everyone was going to be over around 6, but I really needed to do this - it was the virtual Run Like A Mother 5k...
I had the t-shirt, now I just had to get out there... So I get ready, step outside and the rain drops start. Stephen looked at me and said, just go run! So I took on the motto of the post office like it wasn't Sunday and hit the road! It didn't rain long, although after it stopped - I wish it would have kept going - holy humidity batman! I managed to crank out a 9:29 pace, ran 3.25 miles in 30:51...all the while thinking about everyone coming to the house, and here I am, out running! That and the smell of BBQ all over the hood was making me hungry!

Well I will say this, I had an awesome Mothers Day. My sweet hubby made it so special, and I got to have dinner with my mom and mother-in-law too! It was a great day filled with food, shopping and a fabulous run... I really couldn't ask for anything more... so as far as being sentimental, I say, I enjoy Mothers Day - everyday... I love my family and know how loved I am... I celebrate that every day of my life. So it might not be the big outpouring of feelings, but hey - not everything is a Hallmark.

Happy Mothers Day all you Mothers!


  1. Shopping, a run, BBQ ... sounds like a good Mother's Day to me! Of course, I'm not the one who got to take care of the wipes fiasco, so I may just be seeing this through rose-colored glasses. :)

  2. Sounds like a great day! I think all moms eventually get to the point of unsqueamishly picking noses and being covered in poop or vomit without freaking out completely! That's why we are so awesome!!!