Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another Race Weekend!

So school is done... thank goodness! Of course, right on track with my race calendar (ever expanding, much to my non-existent budgets chagrin), Saturday is the Blue Crab Festival 5k in Little River. I have been meaning to do this race for oh, 5 years... this year I actually registered, back in January, before I had clearance to run.. I sat down one day and basically registered for everything I could find within a 20 mile radius! So motivated, I know.

Apparently, this race starts at 8am, yikes! So I guess that means I will have to have everyone packed up and ready to go by what 7am? Truth be told, I don't even know exactly where Mineola Ave is... thank god for my navigation system (to think I contemplated getting a car without it!) - otherwise I would have had to remember to print a map!

There is something special about this race...oh right, it's the one I plan on breaking through the sub 10min/mile on! The last 2 5k's in April I had a time of 32:17 and 31:19 (I believe...yeah, I went back to so this time around, I so want to break into the 20's... I would love to see a 29 or less but hey a 29:59 would still make me proud... Geez, to think 2 years ago my goal was a 5k under 25...oh well - it's like cutting your hair, you just wait for it to grow out so you can cut it again... so my run time has kinda 'grown out' and I am ready to snip snip!

Brooks Trance 10 (size 8.5, just sayin)

I also received this emails from Dicks Sporting Goods, 20% running gear and free shipping on orders over $100...It's almost like they knew I was in there last week looking at buying a new pair of shoes but instead I bought a pair for my son (who after me ranting about how he hasn't even bothered to run in them, finally did 3miles, and in 23 minutes... beginners luck!) - I am so torn... do I need new shoes? or do I want new shoes? Does it matter? I have a coupon!!! ....sigh.... I don't really need to spend the money is what it comes down

Anyway, if anyone in the Myrtle Beach area is feeling froggy - like they just want to race this weekend, it's not too late to register for the Blue Crab Festival 5k! It would be awesome to see other smiling faces there...

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