Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Spring Semester Ends!!!

Finally! The spring semester has come to a close, in what I believe is another 4.0 (to the best of my knowledge and spreadsheet anal retentiveness) semester. I did o.k. on the final for my Human Sexuality course (for my minor in Health Promotion) with an 88, although I remain slightly miffed at selecting the wrong answer for something I read incorrectly! Anyway, I am confident that I have succeeded at obtaining an "A" in my Fitness Leadership class (last required course for my Exercise Science Major)...

The one disappointing thing about this evening was that I wolfed down my dinner (crab alfredo pasta, yes not low fat but seriously, I had a healthy choice steamer for lunch!) before my exam at 7pm because I thought it would take me the entire hour to complete. Instead, I had a lump of pasta sitting in my stomach to take a final which I completed in 22 minutes and 12 seconds. The disappointing part of this, it was so beautiful out and I could have had a wonderful run (since the baby was rocked out) and probably managed a killer time! Instead, I live in fear of what alfredo pasta (with crab no less) might do to my GI tract had I been daring enough to take it to the road (any fan of The Office remembers Michael's sad reaction to eating alfredo pasta before the 5k)... a risk I was not willing to take!

So instead of risking it all, I decided the best way to spend my quiet evening (remember the baby is rocked out), finishing another semester of the degree that never ends, would be to concoct one of my infamous cosmopolitans, served in my Costco find, Mikasa martini glasses, and enjoy it on the back patio with my ever supportive husband.

Now it's a little after 9pm, the baby appears to be stirring and I am feeling quite relaxed... I guess I have a new challenge, besides getting into a size "I" pants(see My Body Alphabet) and that is to rebuild that tolerance I once had... of course that took be the better part of 15 years, so I have work to do!!!
Well I hear the little one calling... Time to sign off! Congratulations to all my friends, ok truth be told, my only friend in college, Heather on graduation! Wait! What the heck am I supposed to do next year without you??? I still have another semester of minor course work and an internship!


  1. Congrats on the great grade point average, and a night with cosmos and your husband is as great as any run could be :) I am another one of your friends that is in college, but luckily I will be finished next December - cannot wait!!!!!!

  2. awwww thanks mama! Well the good news is I'm not going anywhere, you'll still see plenty of me! I just won't be available for immediate eyeball rolls at the antics of our peers, haha! :)