Friday, May 6, 2011

The First Tooth has Cometh!

Yay! Gabriella has hit a milestone, her first tooth has poked its ridged little self out of her gum... I noticed it yesterday but I thought I'd share it with my hubby before the rest of the world... It's validation that all of those crazy crying fits, and terror screams were for a good reason! It also confirms, I might just know what I'm doing I was texting with my sister this morning and told her how I don't remember a lot of these things with Joshua, hell it's been 15 years - I can't remember what day of the week it is half the time!

You have to admit, she is an adorable little bit... Everytime I see her picture I just want to hold her. I really am blessed, and I do thank God for her everyday...

I wondered if it were pure coincidence or good fortune to have realized her tooth's birthday, was also Cinco de Mayo... I guess it will be easier to remember when she asks (because they always do) when she got her first tooth! I honestly can't remember with Joshua, and I'd be lying if I said I had it written down in one of those 'My Babies First Years' books... granted, I did get one of those books, but seriously, I could still regift it if it weren't for the obviously outdated cover... Anyway, in honor of Gabriella's first tooth & Cinco de Mayo (I am not mexican so I am not sure why we feel we need to celebrate it, do people in Mexico celebrate July 4th?) I decided to mix a little something since Gabriella was too pooped to party by 730pm... it was blue and it was fantastic, but I couldn't drink it all - I know, I am sooo out of practice! Not neccessarily a bad thing by the Cheers!


  1. crazy crying fits, and terror screams were for a good reason, Thats part of being WOman!

  2. I remember the first tooth with my child. The other two are just blurs! Following from VB.