Saturday, May 7, 2011

Postpartum PR...Check!

Well I did it... I broke through to the other side of 30 for my 5k time! It was a chilly morning (56) for this time of year and damp too! The baby hadn't been feeling well, so we decided I would go to this race solo (which was a bummer) - no need to make things worse. It was a small local event, so I ended up getting some bling (I like bling) - I placed 2nd for my age group, a nice boost for the old ego ;)

I really think this running clinic I am doing on Monday nights is working! I felt so good out there today, and I wasn't alone in reaching my goals. Marilyn also surpassed her goal, I asked her before the race if she had a goal and she said, first she wanted to finish, and then maybe under 35minutes - well she finished in 33:06 - which is so awesome! Shelia also placed, first for her group! There were quite a few members of the Grand Strand Running Club - nice to see that ya know?

Kristen was there with two of her three kids, Kayla and Cameron ran the race and everyone placed & got a little Kayla was so excited to get a medal, and Cameron, well that little speed devil blew by me and finished in 28:02 (did I mention he is 8?!?!) Kudos to Kristen for getting the kids out there, what a nice Mothers Day weekend tradition... I wish I could convince Joshua to run a race...

I also want to send a huge shout out to my fellow Exercise Science Geek Heather, who graduated from Coastal Carolina today! I know this semester hasn't been the easiest, but I am so proud of you! You were definitely being tested in so many ways in the past few weeks, and you kept it all together... you are destined for greatness my friend :)

I was hoping to get this up earlier, but we ended up taking the baby to the doctors this afternoon, diagnosis: conjunctivitis and what may be the beginning of an ear infection... *sigh* she was so tired tonight but just wouldn't go down, she is rocked out now, for how long, I have no idea...

Tomorrow is another day, and another 5k :) Virtual Run Like a Mother 5k should be fun, I love love love the t-shirt... they have onesies too, which I have shown great restraint by not ordering! I also know in honor of Mother's Day, there is a breakfast in store for me after I get done running (canceling out calories...I run to eat!) so hopefully I can get out early... well, with Gabriella, I am sure early won't be an issue!

Guess it's about that time, last feeding for the princess. I hope to get at least 4 hours of straight sleep (this will be included in my nightly prayers) but I don't really know how well that will really work out! Well it is what it is... I've functioned on less sleep so it will all be fine... 

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